SFU - Bomb Shelter - 8/29

“Head for the shelter - the crap is going to hit the fan”

Rico - Same old stuff

Claire - Same old stuff

Ruth & George - “Paranoia runs deep”

David & Keith - Keith “pays” David’s debt - I just wonder what the interest rate will be?

Nate & Brenda - looks as if all of everyone’s predictions are going to come to pass. Lisa’s family now knows the ashes weren’t hers and they want to take Maya, and dumbass Nate just kept giving Barb more ammunition to use against him. From the previews it looks like Nate is piecing together Lisa’s disappearance & who’s responsible…

From the previews it certainly appears that Brenda is going to be accused of Lisa’s murder

I know the previews have been misleading in the past, but if true, that’s quite the bombshell.

Wow! I missed the previews, but that would be quite the bombshell. And Six Feet Under is just the type of show that might succeed with that kind of storyline. I always thought that Lisa committed suicide. But is it possible that Brenda could have done it? Unlikely, but it would be a fascinating turn of events…Brenda, realizing how unhappy Nate was, has a confrontation with Lisa…?

I enjoyed this episode. I loved the whole bomb shelter obsession that George is developing. Claire’s pictures were awesome, and Keith sleeping with that guy to help David was one of those characteristically quirky SFU moments. And it looks like David is going to have to confront his attacker (and likewise himself) in the next episode…I can’t wait!

I was thinking more along the lines of Brenda realizing how unhappy SHE was, wanted Nate back, and has the confrontation with Lisa. Remember last season, she had just seen Nate again at her father’s memorial service which was just before Lisa took off…

Somehow I think that we will find out that another member of the Chenowith family is responsible.

Or a member of Lisa’s family.

I didn’t get that from the previews at all—perhaps I just wasn’t paying enough attention?
I do think that Brenda is starting to see that her plan of getting Nate back quickly and starting in on the baby-making right away is not going to go as smoothly as she had hoped.
Was anyone else really creeped out by the fact that David was downstairs in the movie guy’s house while Keith was upstairs ‘paying his debt’? Why didn’t Keith drive Movie Guy home in MG’s Porsche while David drove himself home in their car? Not that scenes of David’s angst while he wonders what was going on at MG’s house would have been any better.

That’s my guess. In fact Brenda never even crossed my mind. I just assumed it was Lisa’s sister.
As far as David and Keith. After Keith payed off the ‘debt,’ I figured that they would get a call the next day from MG’s lawyers saying that MG drove himself to the hospital last night and now they’re pressing charges against Keith for rape. Then they got the other call instead. Now I’m guessing that there will be a trial next season sometime, and they entire time up to and for one or two episodes after the trial David will be all weired about the whole thing (not that he doesn’t have a right to be). I almost wonder if Keith will get fed up with it and leave. Either break up with him or go and blow his load on a regular basis (was that the phrase that MG used). Eitherway, looks like we should be tying up a lot of loose ends next episode.

That’s what I thought. We saw someone (Nate?) looking at a photo of Lisa smiling happily where her car was found on the beach, and she was going to see her sister when she disappeared… why would she pose for pictures and smile like that if Brenda had caught up with her and had taken the picture? I think Lisa’s sister is involved somehow.
And we’re supposed to think the Fishers are screwed up…
That Kimmel clan is weird, too.

Hey, maybe they can lift some prints off of the picture somehow. I guess one of the big questions NOW (it won’t be as soon as the pic shows up in the next episode) is, how did Nate end up with the picture? Whatever belongings of her he got (car, backpack) I’d imagine he would have already gone through by now. Even if he didn’t, I don’t think that was a polaroid, which means unless Lisa ran to a Walgreens before she killed herself, someone had those devolped (which probably rules out her asking a passerby to take her picture), but I guess we’ll find out in two weeks.

Another question is, WHY would someone from her family kill her? The ONLY thing right now that I can think of is that her sister killed her to try and get Maya from Nate. Whatever the reason is, I still have to guess it’s the sister. How long has it been? And she still seems more screwed up then Nate over the whole thing. Of course Nate may not of much of a case to keep the kid now. Not only did he steal a dead body and illegally bury it, but he also admitted to doing drugs (LOVED the look on his face when that slipped out “Dammit :rolleyes::smack: , she’s gonna blow that WAAAY out of proportion”). If he had just kept his mouth shut, he would’ve been fine. And if the crematory wanted to keep their contract, I’m sure Nate could call in a favor or two and have them help cover it up. Maybe Lisa has some money put away somewhere that was earmarked for them that they wanted to cash in early on. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Well, I don’t have a clue where this Lisa picture storyline is going. It seems like it would be out of the clear blue sky for it to have invovled anyone we know. Maybe they teased us with an out-of-context dream sequence??

Thought the gallery owner guy sounded familiar…it was J.G. Hertzler, better known as General Martok from DS9 (where his face was typically covered in multiple layers of latex).

On the one hand, it was nice that Nate didn’t try to bullshit his way out of the Lisa ashes situation, on the other hand, I don’t see how the funeral home will survive it, even if he did admit doing it. Thank God George is getting the bomb shelter in working order, they can all hide in it after they get shutdown. Methinks George is in need of some Prozac, stat.

Still waiting patiently for Billy to go nuts…

I think that somehow the weird daughter of Lisa’s sister is going to be a part of all this.

She made it a point to ask Nate if she had given David her gift. She also told Nate that he would find the gift useful also. Unless this is a red herring, which the show usually doesn’t have, I think that the gift (which I believe was a book) will contain the photo and some other clues to Lisa’s disappearance

Why would Brenda want to kill Lisa? Has she ever shown signs of being that type of a psychotic? And if she wanted to kill Lisa to get Nate why would she have gone to the trouble of moving in with Joe in the Mysterious L.A. House That They Bought With Seemingly No Trouble and No Visible Way of Making the Down Payment and Mortgage (MLAHTTBWSNTANVWOMTDPAM)

Oooh, good call! The photo is in the book! Yeah, I don’t see Brenda being involved with it. She was getting her head together, was attending Sex-aholics Anonymous (or whatever it’s called) Meetings, and had just met Joe when Lisa died, right? At the end of last season? When Nate got the call that they found her body, he went to the bar, got beat up and went to her place, but they’d been friends and that was it.
From what Lisa’s sister was saying in the yard last night (about how she didn’t want Maya raised by someone Lisa hated), obviously Lisa had told her about Brenda and Nate’s previous relationship.

If Lisa’s sister was really upset about the cremation fake-out, she would have called the police already or at least the state agency that oversees funeral homes.

But she didn’t.

Maybe she hasn’t had time yet. cuz ya know…“This raises a lot of questions” :dubious:

The SuperWife has been bothered by this as well, particularly asking how Brenda just got to stay in the MLAHTTBWSNTANVWOMTDPAM (thank you clipboard) when Joe took off. My guess is that Brenda and Billy are beneficiaries of trust incomes; either from their parents, or perhaps from income generated during Brenda’s “Charlotte, Light and Dark” days.

As for Brenda’s possible involvement in Lisa’s disappearance, any chance Billy was involved?

yeah, good one on the freaky girl. she keeps mentioning that book. hmmm, but why would it be meant for david instead of nate?

if brenda killed her i’m seriously not watching anymore. sure, she and nate have this eternal mutually screwy love thing, but as fucked-up as she is, i think she’s making a point of straightening out. even in she was on a sex/drugs/whatever bender, i’d have a hard time swallowing that one.

i’m liking george more, because instead of just being a jerk, he’s now an all-out looney. and i’ve always wanted to tak to a jehova’s witness like that…

does everyone have to be gay? maybe i’m sort of insulated out here in the midwest, but i seriously wouldn’t be suprised to see maya seducing some same-sex toddlers.

Firstly, thanks to Fiddlesticks for identifying the gallery owner as General Martok from DS9–he looked way familiar to me too! Heh, even without the multiple layers of latex.

That Kimmel family is totally weird, although perhaps not so totally when compared to the Fishers or (heh) the Chenowiths, who frankly have conquered the market on familial weirdness. Wasn’t expecting Nate to just cave in and confess what he’d done, though. Brenda, for her part, pretty much kept it together although it was obvious that it was the first she’d heard of it … !

Earlier in the season, Barb’s daughter Michaela gave a book to Nate to give to David; it was entitled “Stiff,” and then a few weeks ago while they were interring the un-Lisa ashes, she asked Nate if he’d given the book to David yet, and he hadn’t. It may be that the photo of Lisa is tucked inside that book, thus tying Barb/Hoyt to Lisa’s disappearance/death. That’s pure speculation, though, and to be honest, not originally mine. And then again, the whole photo of Lisa may be another dream sequence (blast it!).

George has gone overboard about that bomb shelter! It’s too bad that it looks like we’re not going to get a chance to see George & Ruth partake of some Tantric love, though. :wink: And David and Keith seem to be continuing to have a fairly open-ended relationship. I’m sure that I wouldn’t be so … blase about my partner having random sex with others (and strange how they seem to define blow jobs as not really sex!). Heh, does that define me as … an old fogey now?! YIKES!

Bah, two more weeks until we find out (hopefully) what will happen.

And once again, I nearly skipped over the weekly SFU thread, because I saw “SFU” and thought, “Shut the Fuck Up?” Is that a new show on MTV?



Did they say exactly what ailment Brenda’s mother had? Aside from it being something that I don’t think I can suffer from.

(Male hypochondriac here)

FWIW, the actress who plays Michaela, Steffani Brass, (Lisa’s creepy niece) is listed on the IMDB as being a guest star in the last episode.

This means that either she has a big role to play. Or her manager is really on the ball on getting her credits listed.

Probably a little of both.