Shakespeare aficionados: Much Ado

Can someone please point me to the Constable (Dogberry?) quote regarding drinking and sex? You know; the one that says a little makes you all horny, a lot makes you limp. Or am I totally getting that wrong?

Many thanks.

Actually, IIRC, that’s the Porter in Macbeth.

Ooooh. Okay. I know I’m working on old memories. But do you have the quote Dr. Rieux?

From Shakespeare Navigators, Macbeth, Act II, sc. iii

Act 2, Scene 3:
“Lechery, sir, it provokes and unprovokes: it provokes the desire, but takes away the performance. Therefore, much drink can be said to be an equivocator with lechery: it set him on, and takes him off; it persuades him, and disheartens him; makes him stand to, and not stand to; in conclusion, equivocates him in a sleep, and giving him the lie, leaves him.”

(Quoted from The Riverside Shakespeare)

Zounds! Beaten to the post!

Thank you folks.

I’m thinking this quote would make for a very good, meta tramp(?) stamp as per this not safe for work blog post:

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I shall suggest it to the wife . . .

. . . when there are no sharp implements close at hand.