Question for women: What "laddish" drinks do you enjoy?

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a good American synonym. Is “guy” or “dude” an adjective?

Anyway, I thought this thread: Question for guys: What “girly” drinks do you enjoy? needed a companion.

I’ll start: I love a thick black pint of Guinness – or five – on a Saturday night. I went to Ireland two years ago, and the fellow standing beside me at the bar said that, when he was growing up, a bartender wouldn’t serve a lady a pint of Guinness – only half. But I like the feel of a sturdy pint glass in my hand, and I like the old-man-pub taste. I also like how you don’t have to eat dinner before you start drinking, because it’s a sandwich in a glass. :wink:

So, ladies, what are your favorite “macho” tipples?

Another for a pint of Guiness, and my favourite drink is always scotch. If I’m thirsty, it’s any old scotch and soda; if I’m not, it’s a single malt, Lagavulin and Laphroaig, straight, sometimes with a bit of water on the side or a few drops in the whisky.

No sweet drinks or cocktails for me.

My wife generally matches me bourbon for bourbon, single-malt for single-malt. We both drink them neat.

Scotch and soda! I always had a scotch and soda when I took a plane trip. Once I had an opportunity to taste the good expensive stuff - yowsa!

Also like dark beer - Guiness, oatmeal stout…

Beer, all kinds, but I don’t shy from the darker beers - porter, stout, brown ale.

My standard mixed drink is vodka and sours mix.

I vastly prefer a darker beer. At one point, I offered a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout to a friend and then finished it off for him when he told me he wasn’t “manly enough for that beer”.

I also like tequila, straight up. Don’t know if that qualifies or not.

Crown and Coke. I suppose it isn’t entirely masculine, since I get it with diet coke. G&T.

Scotch tastes - and looks - just awful.

Dewar’s rocks or Absolut Pepar shots. Hubby drinks cosmos

Do gin-and-tonics count as laddish?

Many years ago, I lived in rural Tennessee, in a dry county. I was going to Atlanta to see my mother for the weekend and a buddy of mine asked me to bring him back a case of Guinness Extra Stout.

I was helping Mom do some errands around town on Saturday afternoon and I told her I needed to stop at a liquor store to get something for my buddy Lou. She asked me what he wanted and I told her “Guiness Extra Stout”

Mom, with a perfect deadpanned face, said: “Your grandmother used to drink that” :eek:

My Grandmother was born in 1885 and I barely remember her as she died when I was a child. My vision of a stereotypical grandmother who baked pies and cookies was instantly shattered with those 6 words. And I developed a newfound respect her was born at that very instant. And interestingly enough, my grandfather was a teetotaler.

And FTR, my mother’s drink of choice was “Jack on the rocks.” I have never dated a girl who drank anything but sweet drinks or beer.

Rum & cokes, tho’ I’m not certain how laddish that is. Old Fashioneds, too (but again, not certain how manly. Some certainly are, some are sweeter. And with Bourbon! Stupid Wisconsinites.)

G & Ts. Hendricks, please.

Manhattans, occasionally.

I’m learning to like Scotch, but I’m going slowly there.

Pretty much dark beer and any liquor that tastes like jet fuel. Neat.

I drink tons of whiskey, and I drink it neat. Bourbon and Irish Whisky mainly. I’m not rich enough yet to become a Single Malt snob. I drink my dark rums neat as well. Gin on light rocks, and with an occasional splash of bitters. I don’t consider these “laddish” drinks, but I’ve been told that I “drink like a man.” I’m not sure if they’re commenting on the volume, the particular drink choice or my tolerance, or if they’re saying I have a propensity to start bar fights.

I like tequila neat, whisky’s, rocks or with water or soda, and beer, though not together.

Lately, I am loving scotch and soda’s.

Well, I didn’t think gin & tonic was particularly manly (or feminine), but I think the thread you linked to suggests it is, and I do like those, and any drink with gin, really. I love a good dirty martini.

I also like a lot of dark beers, and massively hoppy beers, and scotch.

I don’t like syrupy-sweet drinks that often, which are often associated with girliness, but I do also like cider & fruity beers.

Jack and Coke. I consider myself a “girly girl” in most respects, but when it comes to my drink, I don’t mess around.

I love me a good Manhattan - not sure how “laddish” it is, considering it’s a cocktail and there’s a cherry in it, but it’s definitely not what I’d call a girlie drink either.

Come to think of it, I don’t particularly care for sweet drinks on the whole… I’ll occasionally make an exception for a good girlie-tini or a strawberry margarita, but that’s a once in a blue moon sort of thing (and even then, I tend to lean towards sour rather than sweet). Other than that, the girliest I’ll usually go is a raspberry or apricot wheat beer.

Dark beers, bourbon on the rocks, bourbon Old Fashioned and rye Manhattans. In college I’d belly up and take a shot of Jack (no whiskey face) just so everyone knew who not to fuck with.

G&T and Guiness, like lots of other women here, and whiskey sours. WSes were my grampa’s favorite drink - he used to call them (phonetically) “kanoopers”. I’ve never heard another person use the term, though.

Martinis are good too, but none of the fancy-schmancy kind. Just gin, vermouth, and an olive (plus some brine if I’m feeling dirty).

Yes. Someone please tell me how martini now means anything served in a cocktail glass. There’s no chocolate in a martini, and there’s no mango salsa.