Question for guys: What "girly" drinks do you enjoy?

I like Appletinis. There. I said it. And no, I’m not turning in my man card. I like the taste of green apple and I like vodka. And the two make for a phenomenal combination. Yet it’s the sort of thing I feel I can only order when I’m with my wife, lest someone question my manhood.
So what stereotypically feminine drinks do you like?

I love Bailey’s and other cheaper versions of Irish cream. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “girlie,” but it’s not really a drink you’d have at a ballgame or while barbequeing.

I’ll drop Kahloua or Bailey’s in my coffee (on my days off!) in the wintertime.

Rum punch (clear rum, fruit juice/punch) is a summer fave, as I like my beer dark and thick enough to require a spoon, which can be kinda heavy in the summertime.

I do sometimes enjoy a gin and tonic in hot weather. Is that a “girly” drink? For comparison purposes, my regular drink is Power’s Irish whisky, on the rocks. Not girly.

This thread will not be complete without the following YouTube link:

Girl Drink Drunk

Tequila Sunrise.

I don’t think gin & tonic is girly. Neither is it especially masculine.

It’s the gender-neutral drink.

I like strawberry daiquiris, though I don’t know if that’s really girly. I hate ordering it, though, unless I’m with my wife. It just seems, — I don’t know. Something.

White Russians and Sangria :slight_smile:


I just am secure enough in my manhood to order girly drinks I suppose. Or I don’t mind the teasing that comes afterwords, usually because I don’t enjoy beer at all, so I don’t sit around and nurse beers at a party, I’d rather just have what SHE’s having.

Blue Margaritas.

I thoroughly enjoy all sorts of colorful and fruity alcoholic drinks. Tequila Sunrises, Blue Hawaiians, Mai Tais, Margaritas (regular and flavored), Electric Lemonades, Lemon Drops, etc.

That said, my normal order would be either a Vodka Martini or a Jack and Coke. Beer isn’t out of the question, either.

If one is at a bar, the real “girly” drink is a glass of wine (or worse: Champagne).

Oh yeah, I love daiquiris too.

I usually drink one when I’m smoking a Virgina Slim.

I enjoy all sorts of fruity delicious things and really resent the whole girly drinks designation. From my experience that whole supposed gender drink segregation really doesn’t apply. It is only used for ribbing (“dude why are you drinking a GIRLY drink?”) or more commonly to call attention to and explain one’s supposed knack for bravely going against the grain (“I really like girly drinks…so sue me!”)

Anyhow, I like Seabreeze the best. The best cocktail.

I dunno how girly these are (and I guess it varies by region), but other than beer, red wine and vodka I like rose wine, kriek beer, mojitos & margaritas.

Baileys just looks gross to me, but I’ve never drunk it.

I love all manner of fruity rum-based blender drinks in the summer. Whenever we have company over I often whip up a batch or three of daiquiris using whatever fresh fruit we have, or Pina Coladas, or Blue Hawaiis, or…If we’re serving Mexican, I’ll do up Maragaritas.

I never order them in bars, though. Not out of any fear of being emasculated by my drink choice (I’m a bit too old for that sorta’ shit), but out of a genuine fear that the average bartender will fuck them up and I’ll end up with a brightly-colored, $7.00 glass of something that tastes like donkey ass.

Any drink that is primarily gin-based is not girly. There is no way that G&T is girly. The sole exception might be Pink Gin, but it is rather bitter, which increases the manliness.
I like mojitos, which are totally not “gay drinks” according to Brian Griffin. A Mint Julep is essentially the same drink, and is associated with southern gentlemen drinking it on their wraparound porches.

My GF tries to say that Whiskey Sours (Whiskeys Sour?) is girly. I disagree, what do you guys think?

Whiskey and lemon cannot possibly be girly, even if you add sugar. Still I’ll try and drink one soon and let you know :slight_smile:

Chocolate Martinis
Nachtmusik & milk

Right there with ya…