Question for women: What "laddish" drinks do you enjoy?

I’m quite surprised to see gin mentioned so often in this thread.

I’d never consider gin to be a manly drink at all. In my head, gin is a proper woman’s drink and the only time a man drinks gin is at a wedding or in the golf clubhouse. Not that I’m saying that it is unmanly to attend weddings or play golf, just that I don’t think I’ve ever known a man who would drink gin as his default drink, if he was just off for a swift one after work or out on the razz with his mates.

There was a long-standing tradition (now lost) in this country of the “3 martini lunch.” I have never associated gin with anything other than “manly” or at the very least “gender neutral” drinks. The cocktail hour was a sacred institution back in the day, when Men were Men and mixed up a pitcher of martinis after a hard day’s slaving over accounts receivable.

Chalk it up to cultural differences.

Darrin Stephens and Larry Tate (Bewitched) always drank a lot of Martinis

Do you mind my asking what country you’re in, Dublin11?

My aunts drink whiskey straight up, but then they’re also gay so maybe it doesn’t count… :confused:

Apparently, my Great Grandma used to get dropped off at home by the Paddy Wagon on a fairly regular basis from various bars, with the warning to, “Cool your heels, Bertie!”. Her regulars were Buckeye Beer and shots of Whiskey (Don’t know her brand.).

Buckeye Beer

I love broads that drink like men. And yes, “broad” is a complimentary description in it’s proper Bogey-esque context.

Guinness, British ales, single malt, bourbon and brandy. Have been known to like dry ciders or fortified wine, though not mixed drinks or candy liqueurs.

hm, I like a good singlemalt, I love a good potato vodka, and I love gin and bitters and a good old fashioned martini made properly.

I used to get to drink for free at one bar my band played in regularly because the owner had never seen a woman who could match him shot for shot on vodka and still play all 3 sets =)

Though I do like girly drinks too - I like a nice lime ricky, an occasional mai tai, strawberry daiquerie if made with fresh berries, and mudslides.

Unfortunately I really dont drink any more than a glass of red wine a night because of all the meds I am on. Im actually doing the red wine for my health at doctors orders [we are tweaking my diet around and she thinks the relaxation and micronutrients may be beneficial - i am trying a modified mediterranean/macrobiotic diet]

I used to really like the taste of Cuervo Gold. In my whiskey days I’d get a shot of Southern Comfort with a coke chase. I don’t drink often any more but if I do it’s probably an Absolut Bloody Mary, Absolut Pepar if they have it.

I love single malt whiskey. My current favorite is Balvenie Doublewood, but I’m open to anything that isn’t terribly peaty. Mmm, whiskey.

Try making it with black pepper vodka (homemade if you can’t find any at the store). It’s like a gift from the gods.

I like George Dickel, Jack Daniel’s, and Gentleman Jack (all on the rocks). For mixed drinks, I enjoy rum and Coke, or a vodka/brandy mix.

I also tend to prefer dark beers.

Right there with ya, bro, although I prefer ‘dame’ myself. :wink:

I like my drinks to taste like alcohol.
A Mojito, a very dry Martini, a G&T or a V&T are my favourite “cocktails”.
I like Sake, Guinness, ales, whiskey and scrumpy cider.

Usually at home I’d drink wine, nice Belgian lager or dark rum and coke which I think are fairly gender neutral and are also the only drinks my husband and I both like!

The most “girly” drink I like is a White Russian-incidentally my husband’s all-time favourite drink.

Hold the phone… I’m one of those stupid Wisconsinites who drinks Whiskey Old Fashioneds. Shoot, if it weren’t for us Wisconsinites and our penchant for whiskey, Kesslers Whiskey would go out of business!

On that note, I love whiskey… LOVE it! I’ll drink it pretty much any way it comes. And I’m a big beer drinker.

Oh, it’s not the whiskey I mind, it’s the freaking brandy. Every time I order an Old Fashioned, the server/bartender is always, “Brandy?” No! Bourbon! I should just order it like my husband. He always orders a “Bourbon Old Fashioned.” I’m traditional - the quintessential Old Fashioned is made with bourbon, I shouldn’t have to specify it in my order. Rather like a martini - you should expect to get gin if you order just a martini. If you want vodka, then you specify “Vodka Martini.”

I think that makers of brandy depend on Wisconsin alone to make their sales. :slight_smile:

We love our old fashioneds. Shoot, go to southern IL or Western MN, no one knows what the heck it is…

Another vote for Guinness or any nice stout. And bourbon. Mmmmm… bourbon. And does a gin martini count?