Question for women: What "laddish" drinks do you enjoy?

  • Lager. However, I don’t really think of lager as a “laddish” drink anymore since most women I know either drink it as their first choice or enjoy the odd pint from time to time. Nobody would blink an eye at a lady enjoying a pint around here.
  • British Ales
  • Guinness.
  • Jack Daniels on the rocks.
  • Trying to get back into Whisky, which I enjoyed when I was a teenager. However, one bad experience with a bottle of Chivas Regal (and too much tequila) means whenever I take a sip it threatens to set off my gag reflex.

Beyond that I’m not really sure what would fall under the “laddish” category. Cider? Vodka? Rum? Jagermeister? I know at least as many women who drink those as I do men.

Where I come from (UK), men drinking what you describe would be classed as pretty effeminate. ‘Men’s’ drinks here come in big glasses. So, that’s beer then. Maybe a whisky chaser.

And gin and tonic is certainly a woman’s drink, or at least a refined non-gender speicifc drink. Certainly not manly in any way whatsoever. That goes for all cocktails too.

Thunderbird? Special Brew?

Looking for a darker beer. Watch for Oskar Blues Ted Fidy. Pours like tar, but tastes great.
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Thunderbird isn’t so much “laddish” as it is “I just visited the local check cashing place, and now I’m $30 richer and thirsty!”

Really? I’ve always heard people call it an old man drink.

Does red wine count as a laddish drink? While I trend toward lighter pinot noir, I will go for a nice full-bodied merlot or cabernet sauvignon once in a while. Rosés and zinfandels need not apply. I don’t touch dessert wines either.

I see only sorority chicks drinking white wine. Men and I drink reds. In fact, my guy friends and I refer to Chardonnay as “That sorority chick wine.”

I like white wine. I’ve never seen so much as the outside of a sorority. Probably on account of not being white. :frowning:

I thought white zinfandel was the “sorority chick wine”?

This is a favorite rant of a friend of mine. Usually followed by a comment about serving a dead rat in a stem glass and calling it a martini.

Same here. Strong G & T, very dry dirty martini, whisky and cognac are my drinks, depending on the weather, though I also like wine.

And chalk me up as another one surprised to hear gin described as a “manly” drink - it isn’t here. Very few British guys that I’ve met drink it - and the ones I know who do are wheat intolerant and can’t drink beer, and even then a request for one will often be met with “you big girl” by the other guys.

I have to admit though, to an inate prejudice against women drinking beer, especially pints of beer. I just think it looks unfeminine. And yes, I know how old-fashioned and prissy that makes me sound! I’m not saying I’m right, it’s just something I can’t get over.