Shaky Knees, anyone?

My gf is flying to Atlanta tomorrow morning to meet up with a friend from Vegas and another friend from NYC. They are getting together to attend the music festival.

Anyone been there? What is it comparable to?

I can’t name one song from the artists. Can you?

Nope. Heard positive things about two of the bands. :frowning:

It’s kind of an all-star line up of indie music. So I’m guessing you don’t listen to indie music. :slight_smile:

Heh, she listens to way more public radio and recognizes 3/4 of the bands. Isn’t “indie” and “all-star” . . . contradictory?

Oh well, gotta go to sleep. She needs to awaken at 4 am to make her flight, which means I need to wake up to drag her ass out of bed. Then again, I’ve never dusted.

My limited exposure consisted of whatever band played on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Well, she’s off. I’ll be getting a ball cap outa the deal.

My prediction came true!!

So, Aimee Mann and Social Distortion were great, and she had a very nice time.