Shall I be concerned? -- Cafe worker has festering facial wounds.

The in-house cafeteria employs a couple of Mentally Challenged (mc) women.
I, by the way, am all for this. They happen to be very disciplined workers and usually present themselves well. The reason I mention that they are mc is because I realize they are prone to such skin ailments, the likes of which I cannot spell.

The one gal that refills the ice machine, preps some veggies, and does other light food-related work has broken out with some serious open sores on her face. The poor girl. She has a very dark red rash and assorted open lesions on her cheeks, nose and chin. Last week she looked OK. She wears latex gloves all the time from what I see.

I cant very well ask her what sort of skin condition she has, whether its contagious, what orders the doctor gave her, if she even saw a doctor yet, etc.

Are there any sort of skin ailments that could/should be of concern to us cafeteria going worker bees?
Is it within my bounds to infer,- maybe to her boss?

How would you handle something LIKE this? Doesn`t have to be a mc person,- what if one of the regulars at your favorite eating establishment had a major epidermal(sp) break down? What would you do?

I would cease to be my favorite eating establishment in about a nanosecond.

That’s how I would handle it.

Uncommon Sense~~

There is a world of difference between kind on the on hand, and dumb on the other.

Continuing to eat there is the second of the two choices.

Go eat at Captain D’s. Fish is good for you, & I’ve got coupons.

Aren’t some people allergic to latex itself? I wonder if it’s her gloves that are causing her to break out.


Well, it would seem by the answers so far that I asked a really dumb question.<JK.

Lieu, I suppose, but shes been working there for over a year and this would be the worse breakout shes had. She has had blotchy skin before, but not to this extent.

Im mostly concerned whether its something contagious or not.

Bosda, thanks for the offer, but I won`t be out in your neck of the woods in the forseeable future.

World Eater, If she gets worse during the week Im sure there will be those here with your very same inclination. In the meanwhile, Im brown-baggin it.

You may wish to contact the local public heath department and see what they have to say about this.

Hiring the differnetly abled is a noble idea, but possibly exposing the public to communicable illness is not.

Wow. As a former deli worker, and now working at a hospital employee-only clinic (including the cafe workers), this is completely unacceptable.

There is no way open sores should be in the same vicinity as food prep. The cafe manager obviously doesn’t get it or care. You say its the “in-house” cafeteria, so perhaps a facility manager or corporate manager should be notified, if not the local health department.

I wonder if management knows it’s that bad? Seriously, we had a girl who cut meat for customers in the deli of our store and she a bright red ring around her mouth and horrifically chapped lips from herpes (a reaction to the meds she said) and the manager never knew cause they didn’t work the same shifts. The cashiers started to hear comments from customers and finally one of them let the deli manager know and she moved her from serving customers to working in the in the back doing bakery detail.

This is a health department no-no and can get the kitchen closed down and fined in a moment. Don’t hesitate to tell the management and the health department.

And latex gloves don’t protect that much. Sometimes food workers forget and scratch their faces without thinking. Actually the hands are cleaner that gloves in most cases as long as adequate hand washing is done. But the public seems to think gloves are better.