I just downloaded a copy of Defcon for my Mac (thanks to Ambrosia Software for the great porting job), and was wondering if any Dopers would be interested in A…Nice…Game…Of…Chess, or barring that, a nice refreshing round of Global Thermonuclear War…

I’d rather be nuked from orbit (the only way to be sure) by fellow Dopers, instead of some random stranger on the Interweb

I’ll be setting up a password-protected private game, and in following the SDMB Defcom tradition, it’ll be named SDMB, and the password will be cecil (all lowercase)

4 players sounds about right, i’m running outdated hardware…

It’s been a while since I played Defcon. I’ll have to reinstall my copy. I suck against human players, but I’d be willing to give it a shot. After all, the only winning move is not not to play.

okay, let me quit and relaunch the game, i want to install some mods on my end (graphical stuff mainly)

the server should be up in a few minutes :slight_smile:

Well, my first official game against a real opponent, it was a real…blast (pun intended ;))

great game, Mobo :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try this out. Ambrosia SW makes some very good games.

I’m up for it Sunday night, if anyone wants a newbie opponent :slight_smile: (GMT +1, dunno what’s it to you)

I’ll be on vacation this week, so unless the house we’re renting has broadband, i won’t be able to play until July 2 or so, i might sneak one more game in tonight if possible, probably around 9 PM or so

Technically an Introversion game. I think Ambrosia just did the port (or the Mac distribution). Not that it’s not a bad game for that. (Introversion also did Darwinia, which is kind of fun and has a neat concept but is ultimately too frustrating to play.)

I spent the weekend trying out DEFCON on my laptop; my decktop G4 Cube doesn’t handle the graphical fonts at all. I didn’t recall seeing anything at the Ambrosia SW site about this issue. MacTech, can you help with this?

If a demo-registered version can play against another real person, I might be willing to play late this week.

I never heard of this game until a few minutes ago when I saw this thread. I have been waiting for a game like this since I saw War Games in the theater as a kid. I just installed the demo. I’m loving it! Are you guys still playing once in a while?

Bah. The only winning move is not to play.

I win! I win!