Shame on Bravo

Last night Bravo had their Independant Film Channel night and they played Run Lola Run, a movie I have seen quite a few times already, but, they put their IFC logo in the lower right hand corner! You couldn’t read the subtitles!!

Who was in charge that nobody didn’t have the forethought to move the logo?! :smack:

You should go here and email them about it. They may not realize that it’s a problem.

Thanks for the link davidm.
Still, it seems to me and obvious flaw that someone wouldn’t have had the brains to think “hey, can read the subtitles with our logo in the same area?”

On a related note, when Sci-Fi picked up MST3K, they put their “Saturn” logo in the lower right corner. MSTies complained it obscured Crow’s silhouette. After a dozen or so experiments, they moved it to the left hand corner. They still do it today except it’s their new white logo.

I have seen logos that become transparent when there is something on the screen that needs to be seen or read.
Bravo should look into this type logo next time.

And shame on Sci-Fi for obscuring Crow! How dare they!
Now, if it was Tom Servo…:wink:

Shame on Bravo?

Why? Did Johnny do something stupid again?

Broadcasting employee checking in…

The logo you’re referring to is called a “bug.” No, I don’t know why. There are people called master control operators who actually sit in a room and monitor the broadcast. It’s their job to insert bugs, roll the commercials, drop promos to stay on time, etc., all while following a log that tells them what to run every second of the day.

You are right, someone should have noticed that a logo was obscuring the subtitles. I have seen logos dropped when captions come on screen identifying someone…namely, A&E will drop their bug when the name of an individual and his title will come up and the bug covers up part of it.

Unless Bravo’s master control is run automatically, with no humans involved, it was an oversight by the operator.

Thanks for the “insider view” ivylass. Very informative.
That thing you talk about that A&E does must be what I’m thinking of when a bug becomes transparent.