Logo now on DirecTV

I know a few weeks back people were wondering about where Logo would appear (the station aimed at Gay, Lesbian. Bi and Transgender audiences). I was browsing through the channel lineup for DirecTV (as I do the beginning of each month, since they never bother to tell us when a new channel is available).

Lo and behold, Logo is now on DirecTV on channel 263, as long as you have the total choice plus package.

I will have to check it out when I get home.

Anyone watching this yet? Opinions on the content?

Editied for content movies suck. Much of LOGO’s programming is edited for content movies, therefore much of LOGO’s programming sucks. The channel also repeats its non-movie content in far too heavy a rotation. I get that it’s a new channel and the original (or lightly recycled) programming is a bit thin on the ground, but I really don’t need to have that same episode of the Scott Thompson wedding show available to me 24 times a week or however often they run it.

But tonight begins the run of the fabulous and unjustly killed Wonderfalls so I’m all over it. Immediately following that is the debut of some new stand-up comedy series so I’ll probably watch that as well.

Overall, I’m not impressed but I hold out hope for improvement.