Anyone else getting LOGO tomorrow?

MTV networks is launching LOGO tomorrow, one of a number of new gay-themed channels that have come into existence in the US over the last year or so. LOGO’s website is amazingly sparse considering there are just over 36 hours before the launch, but from a USA Today article online:

I’m looking forward to it with a mixture of interest and trepidation. 200 movies in the library, two of them being Philadelphia and The Birdcage? Lots of repeats. I can’t tell from the website whether the movies are going to be edited for content or commercial interruption, either of which would totally suck. A couple of the original series sound interesting. However it turns out it is going to be the only game in (my) town for original gay programming so I’ll certainly give it a shot, but I hope viewers aren’t going to be taken for granted under the “only game in town” theory.

Check your local listings.

I wish I could have access to it; Noah’s Arc sounds like it might be worth watching. Plus, from the website: “Surfer Girls: By weekday these lesbians are doctors, lawyers and realtors, but their weekends are all about the waves.” Sounds like the network is already trying to draw outside its niche. :wink:


I tried and tried and tried to contact those SOBs, to send them a show proposal. They had no message machine on their phone; no e-mail; no way of getting in touch with them. Needless to say, I also don;t get the station (I don’t have digital cable).

You can contact them here although it’s probably not the best way to get a show proposal to them.

Otto, I thought that you lived in Canada? I’ll have go move your pin on my GayMap.

I requested that it be shown, but in an Arkansas town of 60 thousand, I doubt the public’s going to go for it. They’ve probably gotten as many calls from people wanting it as people saying that they’ll cancel their cable if it makes it on the air.

Logo is a subchannel of MTV, which is owned by Viacom – maybe you could contact Logo through them? Their info is here.

Oh, and I’m not getting it. Because, you know, we need 50 versions of Showtime, 100 music channels, and the Golf Channel, but god forbid we get the one gay network in existance.

But I’m not bitter.

Yeah I can see how you’d think that, what with my location being noted in every single post I’ve ever made as Madison, Wisconsin.

There are actually three so-called gay networks in the US. LOGO, here! and another one whose name escapes me. Canada also has one called IIRC PrideVision, and I seem to remember hearing that France has one (that’s apparently rather porn-heavy).

Regardless, I feel your pain.

Tried it. They won’t accept a submission without a submissions form, and there is no way to request a submissions form.

I live in Kansas.


You call that living?

Eve, you live in NYC, I say you storm the Viacom offices. At 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. (212) 258-6000.

So did Dorothy.

Looks like the only way we are going to get it here in Amishland, is if I get a satellite dish…sigh.

closes eyes, isn’t listening, Otto lives in Canada, my sister was never eaten by that crocodile, but he took her to the farm to play softball

Mhm. We were supposed to be getting Here! at some point, but no-go on that, too. Fucking aggravating. Be sure to let us know what you think of it?

Well, what in the blue fuck. Did they tell you flat-out that you couldn’t have a submissions form, or did they just not offer up information as to where you could get one?

We do have Here! here, as part of the pay-per-view service that is offered. I looked over the list of available movies, and have not found anything that isn’t available through Netflix. I have not tried any of the original programming that they offer.

Oh, okay. I was asking Otto about Logo, which I didn’t make clear through my drugged-up haze! It’s good to get an opinion on Here!, too, though. We were supposed to get it as part of InDemand, as well, but I’ve yet to find it if Adelphia is offering it in these parts.

Thanks for the link to their site. From there, I was able to determine that DirecTV isn’t carrying LOGO “yet.”

I’ve sent DTV an email. I agree that the programming seems a little sparse, but if the channel manages to hook up with a few major distributors, the programming will follow.

LOGO interrupts its movies with commercials. Ugh.

LOGO edits for content. Double ugh.

I hate watching movies with commercial interruptions, but I simply will not watch them edited for content. It’s a channel supposedly dedicated to gay and lesbian people, and they edit the nudity out of the love scene in Desert Hearts? Why? I see Bent is on the schedule; not quite sure how you show Bent without the sexual content. DH is the only movie I’ve seen any of and I really don’t remember any swearing, so I can’t tell yet whether LOGO is also editing for language. Doesn’t really matter, since I won’t be watching any more movies. But some of the original series look interesting, and they’re going to be showing Wonderfalls. I think I’ll dash off an email to LOGO and bitch about the editing, though. Really, really stupid.

Or maybe I won’t, since there seems to be no email contact information anywhere on the site that I can find.

I did find this, though, about pitching new shows:

I have DirecTV and there was a channel listing for LOGO last night. They were showing that Lauren Ambrose movie, Psycho Beach Party. I was tickled to have it, but it was late, and I didn’t stay up long enough to check out what else was on the schedule.

Unless that wasn’t LOGO and DTV was foolin’ with me.