The Wonderfalls World of Lesbian Kissing

Several unaired episodes of Wonderfalls to air this summer…

I’ve got the DVD. It rocks. Watch it.

What is the Logo Network? My cable system hasn’t said anything about carrying it.

Logo is a new gay-themed network. Like all new cable networks, it doesn’t air in a lot of places yet.

The show just gets better and better, by the way, so if you don’t get Logo, buy the DVD.


LOGO is a new Viacom channel featuring programming of primary interest to the LGBT communities. I started a thread about its debut a couple of weeks back. Some interesting-looking commercial programming but the movies are edited for content, which is absolutely ridiculous.

And speaking of absolutely ridiculous, may I have this Kristin person’s job? On the worst day of my brief writing career I never constructed a sentence as poorly as

Makes it sound like Family Guy is on LOGO, which it’s not.

I think it’s because Viacom was situating it as a extended basic channel like its other MTV and VH1 networks. I don’t know about other cable systems, but Charter here in Saint Louis has it placed up in the Movie Tier and stationed next to Showtime so the bowlderizing seems absurd. However if it was down near MTV you can see why they’d cut Showgirls and bleed the “bad words” just as they do when they show it on VH1. But at least on the Torch Song Trilogy they do show the guys in bed together, which is more than you can say for Will & Grace.

LOGO is supposedly on my digital cable system but I guess I gotta call the cable company to get it. It replaced VH1 Hits, which I liked & I thought “Well, I have no use for LOGO”, then I saw they were gonna air Heavenly Creatures and The Hunger, and then I found I couldn’t get it w/o a special request. So I gotta make that call.

(bolding mine)

I’ve never seen the show. I wish it all the best.

But that is NOT ironic. (bolding mine)

No, that’s a proper use of the word irony.

Also ironic – that the word is over and misused so terribly, it’s now impossible to use it correctly without drawing criticism.


I’d’ve used “amusing” instead of “ironic”, but since “ironic” can mean “with results dramatically different than intended”, I can’t say the use was incorrect.