Shame on those that refuse the vaccine

Lots of people wondered because they worry about a repeat of the Spanish flu, which killed huge numbers of people under 40. There is a difference.

Already explained in this very thread, several times, including in great detail:

We’ve answered the question over and over. It’s not our fault you’re too stupid to understand the answer.

You know - “them”. “They” are saying that.

Well, technically there are also a tiny minority who cannot get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons. But being a “fucking moron” is not a legitimate medical reason.

This isn’t complicated @Mr_Hoogly. We got the numbers down by getting people vaccinated. But, now that this has stopped, the new variants are leading to the numbers going back up again. My own county is back to peak leves because of this.

Because we didn’t mandate the vaccine when we should have, things are getting worse again. We need to be able to stamp this virus out completely. And we can’t do that as long as people keep getting swindled into not vaccinating.

The reasons anyone gives for not vaccinating are profoundly stupid. There’s some impossible tech in the vaccine that tracks you. The vaccine can somehow infect others. The vaccine is supposedly unsafe–when Tylenol is less safe. It doesn’t harm pregnancy. It doesn’t kill people.

People bring up that “only 2% of people” don’t die from COVID 19. So it’s okay to just get the virus. But then they care that 0.0001% of people died from the vaccine, but they won’t get the vaccine.

You’d think learning that so many people are still sufferring from “long COVID” would make you want to prevent that. Even if all that happened was the inability taste food anymore, you’d think that would be enough to get a little jab. But no.

We’re at our wits end. You anti-vaxxers come up with the stupidest reasons not to take the vaccine, and nothing we say or do gets you to realize it. You want to act like little children whose only real objection is “How dare you tell me what to do?” Then why shouldn’t we treat you like children and force you to get the shot for your own benefit, as well as ours?

I fucking hate that assholes like you are why I still have to go out with a mask to avoid the risk of killing people. So, so many dead people because of you shitheads. If it were up to me, you’d be in jail, rotting with the other murderers.

And, what’s even dumber is that you can’t win. Any other disease that is this deadly and this contagious eventually results in required vaccinations. All the vaccines you got as a kid were required. We were stupid to think that not requiring this would get more people to vaccinate sooner.

We will stop you from hurting others. We will return this world back to normal, even if we have to drag you back, kicking and screaming. You utter selfishness will not win.

Heck, I’m still not sure you’re not just a troll. That’s how utterly stupid you sound.

I find it simplest to assume that the actual reason is childish fear of needles, and everything else is rationalization to conceal their cowardice.

Side rant related to this one. Why does anyone have to justify to anyone else getting the vaccine? I have heard several people tell others that they got the vaccine because mumble mumble reasons. I got the vaccine because I don’t want to get sick with COVID and I don’t want to die, that is why you get vaccines and I am not going to justify it otherwise. Wearing a mask is about protecting others, but getting a vaccine is about protecting yourself and as a side benefit others, but I don’t have to give a litany of reasons to anyone, just the not wanting to die part should be obvious and sufficient.


He’s already said he doesn’t trust anything in “the media,” or any statistics from the government. They all have an agenda, you see. So haha, you’ll never fool him!

Nope, he’s fooled himself.

My late grandfather, a polio victim, would probably have a few choice words about not getting vaccinated.

This is Nazi MAGA shit that you’re justifying to yourself because the MAGA anti-vax people are the bad guys, and because you’re in a safe space where everyone hates stupid Republicans. But you are a sick fuck. You’re cheering for the mental degenerates to die. There will never be an actual blue MAGA, because in total, collectively, that group of people isn’t capable of it, but you, personally, are no different from the rest of those sickos. If Joe Biden wanted to be Trump, you’d wear the hat.

They’re stupid and ignorant. But they could always learn something tomorrow. You’ll always be deranged.

Unfortunately, he and people like him are fooling thousands of others by spreading this line of “thinking” on Facebook.


This place is nothing if not consistent. You just knew that was coming. Ha ha ha, they’re dumb, it’s funny and cute that another hundred thousand will die choking.

Anyway, here you are: DeSantis: ‘These vaccines are saving lives’

People have valid reasons for refusing vaccines. My understanding is that they do not always protect against obvious trolls.

On the one hand, it’s not cool to cheer on the deaths of ignorant people. On the other hand, cheering on deaths doesn’t actually cause deaths.

Vaccine refusal does cause deaths. These people are personally complicit in this, they act in a manner that directly caused the deaths of thousands of people, and will cause the deaths of thousands more.

To put an even sharper point on it, @Siam_Sam has done more to save the lives of the Republicans he hates than any non-vaxxer who purports to love them.

Being anti-vax and cheering for anti-vaxxers is bad, yes. Of course, anyone supporting that viewpoint by openly rooting for vaccinated people to die horribly because they’re probably Democrats would be summarily banned.

You’re human garbage. Get vaccinated though, thanks.

I don’t wish anti-vaxxers dead. I just wish that all whose deaths are caused by anti-vax bullshit were the anti-vaxxers themselves. Alas, diseases are not so obligingly karmic.

Extra points if they’re in Texas.

I don’t think anyone is hoping that Republicans will die horribly. They’re just hoping that anti-vaxx dipshits endangering other people will die horribly.

Of course most of them are Republicans, because the vast majority of dipshits are Republican.

Yeah, pretty much what I said. I never wished anyone dead, just said I could not care less if they did die. And that’s because it’s their own fault and they pretty much deserve it. I’m not going to boo-hoo over them. If the Jimmy Shitwoods of the world want to misconstrue that, no skin off my nose. Just helps me know whom to Ignore.

I would go further and claim near certainty that, if push came to shove, no one here expressing such views actually want more Covid deaths even among the anti-vaxers They are just venting and blowing off steam against the rampant dangerous stupidity exhibited by the subject of this thread, and are fantasizing about the poetic justice they could receive. We’re is the pit which is the proper place to engage in this sort of antagonistic hyperbole so it does need to be taken with a grain of salt. (pro tip @Jimmy_Chitwood most pit posters also realize that goat felching is extremely rare and it is highly unlikely that any particular person they happen to have a bone to pick with actually engages in said behavior in spite of any accusations they may make.)