"Shame" snacks you'd never admit to enjoying, outside of the anonymous intertoobz

Hey, if it’s good enough for James Beard it is nothing to be ashamed of.

I like sweet biscuits (cookies in the US) with blue cheese. My favorite biscuit is the British McVitie’s Hobnob. How I got on to them I have no idea as they used to be hard to find.

Okay, I can usually infer meaning from context but this has me stumped–what the HELL did you mean to type?

Some butter and a little brown sugar.

I get “assume” for “some” far too often. And it sometimes autocorrects after I’ve looked at it. The rest is new to me

A little tangy more than peppery. Apples sound delicious in your mix.

I love ginger snaps and blue cheese.

My dad liked scotch and chocolate chip cookies. Can’t remember ever trying it, but that could be because I tried it.

Van Camp’s Pork ‘n’ Beans, cold out of the can. Love 'em.

WITH BBQ hamburgers.

During ‘eggnog season’, which seems to start earlier every year, I succumb to my addiction to store-bought eggnog, which is apparently half plastic and half corn syrup. Since no one else in the household will touch the stuff, I chug it from the carton.

Back in the 80s, my mother ran a boy scout troop for disabled kids at her school. The troop would get all sorts of charitable donations. For some reason, every few months they were given cartons and cartons of government cheese, much more than the troop could use, so she’d end up bringing a lot of it home.

I absolutely loved loved loved Reagan-era government cheese. Slightly greasy, but great to just unwrap and slurp down a few slices at a time.

Also, Cheez-Whiz sprayed straight from the can into my mouth.

I love marshmallow peeps and every Easter I buy a little six-pack of them and snarf them in the car, so that Mr. brown won’t see me and gag at the sight.

That sounds like an even better combination. I may even try making a blue cheese cheesecake dip kind of thing. Aldi here have a soft blue cheese that, at room temperature, is somewhere in consistency between a brie and a pot of thickened cream.

You sing the song of my people.

And for dessert, Claxton fruitcake - the long, rectangular package that’s only sold at Christmastime. Love me some candied fruit.

@don_t_ask and @Tarataratara got me thinking about how I love chocolate chip cookies with pizza. A bite of pizza, a bit of cookie, mmm mmm mmm.

But now I gotta try cookies with blue cheese. Sounds great!

Fritos dipped into Miracle Whip

I don’t know what caused my tastes to change - whether it’s due to many years on dialysis or the actual transplant itself (I swear there is something to the thought you absorb aspects of your donor), but I’ve found my shame snacks have changed a lot in the past two years:
Cold baked beans? Yes, please. Bush’s, not Van De Kamp.
Graham crackers dipped in frosting or pudding? Yum!
Cream cheese + salsa dip? I polish it off with tortilla chips or crackers
If I’m having a bowl of ice cream, any toppings always “accidentally” fall into my mouth, separate from what ends up on the ice cream.
Chocolate cake. I’ve never really been a cake person, let alone a chocolate cake person. Mug cakes for the win.
Tortilla, shredded cheese, salsa rolled up and nuked to melt the cheese. Heaven.
Nutter butter cookies dipped in vanilla pudding.

Yes, my diet is crap. I purposely don’t keep a lot of sugary things in the house.

tRumptard Trailer Trash late night snack: You need a package of Bar-S baloney, a jar of French’s yellow mustard, and a bag of Cheetos. On a hot summer night about 3 a.m. when ‘Reba’ re-runs come on your Walmart wide-screen, and your $99 window unit 3-year old AC is mightily chugging away, roll up slices of baloney, dip in mustard, and eat in the light of the refrigerator bulb. Wash it down with Hi-C orange drink. (this is goor-may, compared to Vienna sausages eaten direct from the can.)

That sounds pretty good. I’ll try it sometime.

Somewhat similarly, I’ll dip rippled potato chips into Heinz chili sauce.

Nope, pimento is not at all peppery. It is mostly visual.