"Shame" snacks you'd never admit to enjoying, outside of the anonymous intertoobz

We all have them. We all love them - well, our own, anyway. Yours are weird & gross, and have hilarious back stories. Mine are fun & delicious, and are a delightful use of random pantry ingredients.

I’ll start, since I’m currently snacking on a bowlful of microwaved jarred chicken gravy, scooped up with Triscuits.
I doctored up the gravy with a shake of poultry seasoning mix, so it counts as “homemade” now.

Not gross but a little embarrassing bc I view it as such a kid’s meal.

Hamburger patty with a side of green beans and mashed potatoes (with the cheap jar gravy).

Eating condensed soup straight out of the can. I’m partial to Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese, Cream of Chicken, and Cream of Mushroom (separately, of course).

The same goes for Road House chili, tinned corned beef, and canned corn beef hash.

Those little packs of crackers and cheese spread that come with the plastic spreaders. (I still remember when they were wood instead of plastic.)

Those little tins of chicken and tuna salad that also come with crackers.

I think of these as “Army food,” and eat them when I’m working all night and have neither the time nor inclination to actually cook something.

Canned green beans, or frozen?

Mashed potatoes from a box of flakes, or the instant quick-cups?

(Either way, sounds good!)

I just finished a baked (jacket) potato swimming in butter, sour cream, and Tabasco sauce. With lots of salt and ground black pepper, of course. (Only half of one, actually; it was a huge 'tater!)

If I had had some chives it would have been perfect! :frowning:

Canned GBs and I used to do the potato flakes but I have since discovered Bob Evans garlic (real) mashed potatoes at my local grocery store. That Bob Evans is some good stuff.

Salsa or Pico eaten by itself with a spoon.

Cold ( room temperature ) Dinty Moore stew eaten out of the can.

Grab a handful of shredded cheese from the bag. I live alone, so it’s not as gross as it sounds.

when I was a kid, my mom sometimes served Italian sausages pan-fried with onions, over pasta. I didn’t like sausage but the combo of fried/carmelized onions and pasta (with tons of parmesan cheese) was delicious to me, and when I got a little older, sometimes I would make just onions and pasta for myself if there was an opportunity to do so discretely.

Flash forward 35 years.

A few weeks ago, I found myself totally alone in the house for several days, and am ashamed at how much I looked forward to recreating this delight without any family scrutiny. I did it on the first day, so there’d be plenty of time to air out the house before I was discovered.

I freely admit to my Kulinary Kwirks™, assuming everyone’s got 'em, so I can be the first to admit it.

In my case, I take that bit a little too far, and have been known to bring a nice side dish to our church’s fancy potlucks… but then I pull out my bowl of Circus Peanuts and Sour Neon Gummy Worms.
No, there were no kids at these potlucks, why do you ask?

Oh, and once I brought a huge box of Lucky Charms to school, with milk and enough bowls for everyone.

Canned deviled ham smeared on cheap white bread.

Peanut Butter on Frosted Mini Wheats. I use two and make a mini sandwich out of them. I have no idea how it started or even what it is I like about it, but I frequently crave it.

Don’t kink shame.

This is a nostalgia meal for me, so once a decade or so I’ll buy some, make a sandwich, and realize it’s a taste better left to the sands of time. :joy:

Not necessarily a snack, but I love chopped hard boiled egg, blue cheese crumbles and ranch dressing on a baked potato. I also love brown bread from a can, smeared with butter, but I’ve become more, uh, “sensitive” to the effects of molasses in recent years, so I don’t eat it often.

I love maple syrup so much that I’ll sometimes take a swig straight from the bottle.

It is a fact that oreos are tasty dipped in onion dip.

I’ve eaten Nutella straight out of the hat, on a spoon. I’ve also made “frosting” by beating together some butter and a little brown sugar, with a spoon, and then just eaten it.

For a more savory snack…i just bought a pound of chicken liver and a pound of bacon, and I’ll cut the livers in half, wrap with bacon, broil, and eat them like candy.

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One time my friend showed me how to make a dip that is cream cheese, mayo and shredded cheddar. It’s so freaking good! But I never go anywhere I can take dip, so if I have those 3 ingredients in the house I’m making some sort of dip out of them. Of course, gotta have Wheat Thins too.

I think you would like pimento cheese. It’s pretty much your cheese dip plus diced pimentos. Not everyone uses cream cheese. It’s delicious on crackers, in celery, or in a sandwich.

Goddammit I forgot the best part of it! Diced apples. I was thinking I ate it WITH apples. No, you dice up the apples and put it in the dip and then you go at it with Wheat Thins, or a spoon.

Is pimento peppery? I don’t mess with peppers. Maybe this dip is “Pimento-less Apple Pimento Dip” :slight_smile:

When I was in college, the grocery store I shopped had chocolate pudding in a can. Can opener, spoon, bliss…