Foods usually used sparingly, that you like to eat by themselves

Liverwurst- I can just eat it like cookiedough.

Goat cheese-The local grocery has had this normally kinda too pricey to buy regularly chevre at buy one get one free, I like to open one and use a spoon to just eat small bits while watching TV(I convince myself its ok while it is cheap)

Black pudding-I can easily eat half a pound as a meal.

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Feta cheese-Some brands I enjoy eating the crumbles by themselves.

Marzipan-I once found about a dozen boxes of imported and delicious marzipan(or as my German mom called it mott-zi-pon) on the clearance rack at a grocery for 50 cents each! :smiley: I could eat part of a tube like a candy bar, frigging food of the gods man!

Thinly sliced pickled ginger - the kind that comes with sushi as a palate cleaser. I could eat a whole salad of the stuff; my kids know to bring me theirs instead of throwing it out.

Rhubarb I can eat as a main course.

Anchovies! Drained a bit, on a cracker with a smidge of sour cream.

Olives from the grocery store Mediterranean olive bar.

Nuts. Pine nuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, any nuts meant to be used in baking or cooking something just seem to disappear.

Black olives. I buy little cans of sliced black olives and eat them like other people eat dry-roasted peanuts.

Not me, but my daughter likes to eat tomato paste with a spoon, and my son will hoe into the butter au naturel if allowed

Pickle juice - when the last pickle is crunched, everyone knows to save me the juice.

Cream cheese - I eat a hunk of it like “normal” cheese.

Sour cream - I eat a spoonful of it, then everyone in the vicinity goes “ewwww!”

A1 sauce - Take a sip right from the bottle, it’s like you took a bite of steak.

Yeah, I got problems.


:confused: Isn’t this how people eat olives? I eat black and green olives like this too, I always figured that was what olive bars were for.

British marmite, by the spoonful! (Watch out for that salt load, though…)

A nice shot of Worchestershire sauce is a good pick-me-up too.

This is actually exactly what I was thinking when I saw the thread title. I do the same thing.

Sodium related water retention problems? :smiley:

Pickled jalapenos. I usually pair it with a nice hunk of cheese though. It’s pretty much my favorite snack.

Same here except I buy whole pitted ones so as to place them on my fingertips;)

I don’t know how rare it is but I eat peanut butter out of the jar as opposed to spreading it on anythng.

This might be a little out of the scope of the OP but it’s timely.

Cherries. I know they’re not generally used sparingly but every year I go crazy. I buy a bag of 2-3 lbs and just keep eating until they’re gone. Self control is usually my saving grace with my food cravings, I can have a couple of bites and I’m satisfied with most things but cherries are the exception.

Bully beef or mutton, right out of the tin.

Campbell’s soups, right out of the can, especially the cream soups, bean soup, and beef & barley.

Chef Boy-ar-dee pastas, right out of the can.

B&M Boston Baked Beans, right out of the can.

Cheez-Whiz, as dip for corn chips.

Corned beef hash, right out of the can.

Oily tuna fish, right out of the tin on Saltines with a drop of Tabasco.

Olive-oiled anchovies and green olives on buttered toast points.

Nutella, spead on bananas.

Crunchy peanut butter, spread on apples.

Crunchy peanut butter and jam, right out of their jars.

Marmite and sharp cheddar cheese, melted on buttered toast.

Any kind of sharp cheese, on a baguette or cream crackers (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek…)


I grab 2-3 of them, slice them in half, salt them, then squeeeeeze all that yummy lime juice into my mouth until nothing is left but a dry squished-up green crescent. Repeat for other half. Repeat for next lime. Bestest fruit ever!

Me, lemons.

My son eats tuna right out of the can.

Husband eats mussels right out of the tin (although I’m not 100% sure how mussels in a tin are SUPPOSED to be eaten so that could be normal but knowing my husband, it probably isn’t.)

My gf keeps a box of mashed potato flakes in the pantry. We never use them for meals, preferring to use real potatoes instead. But if we return home after drinking and she is pretty buzzed, she craves the flakes. She dumps some in a bowl, adds some milk, stirs them up and eats.:eek:

Yeah. If I ever catch myself opening up the salt shaker for a snack, I am going to demand an intervention.