Foods usually used sparingly, that you like to eat by themselves

How do any of these address the statement in the thread title?

Hearts of palm. Forget the salad, open the jar up and go to town!

Chili powder. Not that I go at the stuff with a spoon, but I’ll occasionally shake out a handful and eat it. Nice and savory, with a pleasant mild burn afterward.

Also, artichoke hearts and baby corn. Just open the can or jar, drain and eat!

Pickled herring in wine sauce- just pick them out with a fork (avoiding the onions)

Peanut butter and honey- take a big spoon, get a scoopful, drizzle with honey, and cram it in my mouth

Cambozola- also called blue brie… man I love this cheese. The “black-label” Cambozola might be the best cheese I’ve ever had.

Sauerkraut. I can eat a big bowl of it (and not cooked for hours so it’s mild, the sour stuff straight out of the jar/can).

Custard or gravy.

I’ll happily drink either by the cup (not mixed together).

As a kid I went through a phase where I would eat a bowl full of those crunchy noodles used as a Chinese salad condiment. I loved those things.

Any kind of salad dressing. Since most bottles have a narrow neck, I just stick a knife in, and lick the dressing off.

Definitely peanut butter, right from the jar, again with a knife.

Jello, right from the package. Wet your finger and stick it in the crystals. Yeah, the finger gets stained.

Chocolate chips.

Hard-boiled eggs.

Do you like Frank’s kraut juice? :eek:

Yeah! What else can you do with olives anyway? You can make a mufaletta sandwich, but they aren’t used sparingly in a good one, or you could put too few of them in a salad. Even good olive loaf should have a decent density of olives in it, although it’s actually a decoration, not a food product.


By the pound, if I could afford it.

I may need one. I do the pickle juice thing, too, and have been known to shake salt on my hand and just eat a little if I’m feeling peckish but don’t know what I want.
When I make toast, I put seasoning salt on it rather than something sweet.
And I used to eat bullion cubes when I was little.
Even now, the cilantro bullion cubes you can get at the store are DELISH!! Just lick one, I dare you! They are quite yummy.

As for the original question, um…bread? I know most people eat bread all the time, but I prefer burgers and hot dogs without them; half the time I get a sub I just eat the insides out.

But bread itself? I’ll toast half a loaf of rye and eat it with seasoned salt, or eat the whole loaf of french bread and just skip the spaghetti. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheese, I also prefer alone. I do the blue cheese or feta crumbles thing too, hehe.

Salt junkie?

I am a salt/vinegar junkie. Screw chocolate, but Ill lick the salt out of a pretzel bag if I don’t watch myself. I was in heaven when I discovered salt and vinegar potato chips up in Canada at the age of 5:D I didn’t know that you were supposed to eat fries with anything but salt and vinegar. I like many veggies with butter, salt and vinegar [cider or balsamic] and I will drink any leftover drippings from the veggies left on my plate.

Being diabetic sucks, I have to go easy on carbs now, but I still love vinegar on stuff.

I have never met another person who sits down to watch television with a can of black olives in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, but I suppose almost anything is possible. Most of the people I know either put a bowl of olives on the dinner table next to the pickles and each person takes a few or they use the olives in cooking, salad, on pizza, etc.

we snack on a blend of olives, marinated artichoke hearts, drained giardinara and pickle slices [hubby likes the giardiniera, I don’t. Sometimes he subs pickled peppers.]

We are sort of salty/vinegary snack foodies in our house.

I will snack on a couple dozen olives chosen over the same amount of grapes.

Well of course not, coffee is disgusting. And you know some weird people if they only take a few olives out of the bowl or only use a few in cooking. People like you are the reason it’s so hard to find a good pickle sandwhich.

And, as a matter of fact, I just went to grab a bite to eat, and guess what was right in front on the refrigerator shelf? And Lindsay sells black olives in a can with a pop top and a resealable plastic lid in case you’re only hungry enough for half a can of olives.

You know that big bloody puddle that’s left on your plate after a nice, thick and juicy medium rare steak?

Yeah, both me and my son will lick the plate clean.
Then I go cry in the corner, curled up in the fetal position afterwords.

You are sometimes my favorite poster. Unfortunately, due to that crack about coffee, I’m not going to tell you which times.