SHAMELESS episode 3 (open spoilers)

Okay, Frank is now officially the trashiest father ever on U.S. TV not to be an episode of LAW & ORDER SUV or otherwise villainous. The fact he buried his od.d aunt and kept cashing her checks isn’t as repulsive as the fact he squandered the money on booze while letting his teenaged kids work to pay the power bills and other daily expenses.

I loved Gloria Leroy as the ersatz Aunt Ginger. (At least I think that was her- Gloria Leroy was the actress who played Boom-Boom and other characters on All in the Family and the dead grandma in the movie Sordid Lives- tonight’s plot could have come from Sordid Lives: the Series in fact.)

I liked how Ian’s plotline worked out. His new “girlfriend’s” brothers are still owed a major league ass whipping though.

I loved the Aunt Ginger character. Although, her face looked a little weird, like it was starting to melt off.

I kind of had the same problem with this episode as I did with the first season of Glee - while I know kids would routinely beat up other kids years ago, that sort of thing just isn’t tolerated anymore. And even ignoring that they were chasing Ian around, they tried to assault hi at his place of work, where they openly stole things in front of Kash! Why on Earth did he not get their asses busted by the police? He knows exactly who they are and surely has security footage. And even accepting the world of bullying as somehow above the law… the Gallaghers are friends with a cop and a car thief. Why not have one of them give the bullies a beatdown?

It also bothered me that Frank was stealing food so he could use the money for booze. Why not just buy a few jugs of cheap vodka, and a few cases of cheap beer, and keep them in the house. He’d get a lot more drunk for his money than going to the bar.

I already posted this in the other thread:

I liked tonight’s episode a lot more than last week’s for some reason. Possibly because it focused less on the Dad, who is frankly, annoying. I know he’s supposed to be a dick, and he’s necessary for the premise, but I liked it better when he was mostly in the background and the show focused on the kids in the premiere.

I admit to tearing up a bit when the little girl had to let go of “Aunt Ginger”.

I was surprised but glad that they actually had the actors who play Ian and Kash kiss. I wasn’t sure they would go there.

If they’re following the storyline of the original UK series, Mandy’s family are minor gangsters, which is why everyone is slightly afraid of them.

I have to say I laughed at Frank dressing up the homeless old bus driver.

Late to the party I know. Just watched it last night.

This show was by far my favorite episode yet. I know Frank is the lowest of the low, but damn he cracks me up! That part where his son comes over to pick up the girl then has the audacity to ask him: “What are your intentions with the girl?” and then his parting lines were “Keep it above the waist.” was comedy gold in my book.

I was disappointed they didn’t keep Aunt Ginger around. I think she would have added nice contrast to the show.

Well, sure, but where’s the fun in that?