Shameless kid bragging. (Feel free to add your own!)

Oh, Elza B – he is so cute. I just want to kiss his face!

And congrats also to all the other parents of prodigies in this thread.

I bragged on my son just a minute ago in this forum, so I’ll brag about me daughter in this one. She got all As her first semester in college; and all As and a B her second semester, even though she had some health complications and had to take two weeks off after Spring Break to have a major medical procedure performed. She was also offered a position as a Research Assistant for one of her professors. She attends a small school, so this isn’t unheard of for underclasswomen, but it’s still pretty unusual and something to be proud of.

My child converted matter to energy, with his mind. He has solved Fermat’s last theorum, and has got the groundwork laid for a Unified Field Theory. He can keep a Fiat running smoothly, and does the dishes every night.

Ok, not really. But he’s being doing imaginative play for several months now. He’ll be 3 in October. Physically, I guess, he’s a bit ahead (according to my wife, the BS in Child Education and Development).

I just want him to get potty trained already. Dang it.