Shameless kid bragging. (Feel free to add your own!)

I’m totally bragging on my kid.

He just turned a year old two weeks ago. Yesterday, we were singing the ABCs with him, and we got this:


Daaaamn, Elza…my first thought was “yeah, that’s about right for a two-year-old”. Then I reread the age…

Aaah-dorable! He’s a cutie pie!

Good for you for getting that on tape, those days pass so quickly. :sniff sniff:
I’ve got footage somewhere of my kids at 17 months responding to my query “What’s your favorite TV show?” with “Jepa-depa-depa-depa-deeeee!!” (i.e., Jeopardy)

My wife is a math professor and plays a game with my daughter, getting her (the daughter) to do simple algebra in her head. Like, while riding with us on the train, she’ll pose the verbal question to her: “Penny, if 2x+3 = 13, what is x?” And my daughter will squint her eyes and purse her lips for about 10 seconds and say, “5!”

She’s taught her a little bit about fractions now, so she can say “2/3 x + 5 = 11” and get the answer “9”.

She’s grown up in the Internet Age and is used to us looking things up on Wikipedia. Over this past weekend we visited my wife’s grandmother’s house, where she discovered a shelf of old encyclopedia books from 1955. The first thing she did was to try to look up “Pokemon” and was disappointed there was nothing in there about Pokemon :slight_smile: After we got over laughing at her anachronistic attempt, I realized that she had picked out the right volume for the entry – and she’s not yet been taught about “alphabetical ordering” of words! When I asked her why she picked out this book to look up “Pokemon”, she said that since the letters A-Z have an order, “words should just go one after the other the same way”.

She’s also reading books like Ramona Quimby, Age 8 aloud to us (her parents) as her bedtime reading.

I’m going to be so proud of her tomorrow when she starts her first day at school (first grade!). :slight_smile:

I haven’t bragged about her here because I was afraid it would sound tacky and everybody thinks their own kids are little Mozarts but since the invitation is there…

My 7 year old tested out at a post-high school reading level last year when she was in first grade. She can also name every dinosaur under the sun and reel off encyclopedic facts about them. Plus she’s an artistic prodigy as well. She’s amazing at sculpting with clay. Even now, I can personally never manage anything better than a mishapen “ashtray,” but this little girl of mine makes these incredibly elaborate frogs and dinosaurs and snakes and stuff (she’s really into reptiles for some reason).

I’ve never really seen a prodigy before and it’s very strange (and admittedly ego-inflating) to see it in my own kid.

Sounds like she won’t be in first grade very long!

(Depending, of course, on whether your school board approves transferring people up… there are social reasons for not doing it, but your kid sounds like she just might be ready for grade 2!)

My four year old prodigy is totally accepting the leg and doing beautiful fluid half-passes and expressive, correct flying changes.
He’s a horse.

School started again this week and the school where my wife works went back a day earlier than the schools that the kids attend, so my kids came in to work with me yesterday - I half expected to get nothing done at all, but it was actually a really productive day - I set up a couple of old computers with Ubuntu and a bunch of games, plus web access and they sat and played quietly for several hours - everyone commented on how exceptionally well-behaved they were - and they made me proud.

We’ve got some smart spawn amongst us Dopers.

Last night while bathing, my 9-year-old gave a cogent explanation of what radioactive isotopes are and correctly noted which ones tend to be unstable. (No thanks to his school, which isn’t even including science in his studies right now. Yeesh.)

Just for a little balance though: he has HORRIBLE handwriting and spelling.

Okay, I’ve exersized AMAZING restraint for almost a year, now, by not doing this. But if this is a thread about braggin’ on your kids, here’s mine. And he’s gonna’ be a daddy in April!

For the past 3 weeks or so, our 17 month old has been amazing me at least once per day with something new she’s learned.

She’s doing a lot of mimicking of sounds and movements lately, which is probably normal. But then there are things like having a pretend tea party with a 5 year old. She was pretending to sip and then saying “Mmmm”. According to a teacher, “pretend play” is something that’s generally not done until about age 2 1/2.

I was at the mall this weekend and a grandmother and her 12 month old grandson and I were talking for a bit and as we were saying goodbye, I said, “Susie, blow kisses!” The grandmother was amazed that she knew how to do that at 17 months. After she left, I turned to my mother and said that she’s been doing that for 4 or 5 months now.

My favorite development lately is when she was watching Dora the Explorer and Dora’s mother said “adios” (without waving) and Susie waved at the TV. THAT was pretty cool! It’s amazing what she understands.

Ok, I’m done now. :o

ElzaB, that ABCs clip was so cute! My little girl isn’t there yet.

Sunrazor, I want some shrimp gumbo now!

I know this isn’t a pic thread, but…ummm…pics? :smiley: That’s pretty awesome.

Glad I’m not the only one bragging on my kid. Sounds like our next generation of Dopers is going to be quite the fun little crop.

(Oh, and just to balance it out, like Cairo Carol said, my kiddo whines. A lot. And it’s really annoying.)

My nine year old is nose guard/ right tackle/center on his football team.

He can make rude noises with his armpits.
My 7 year old’s incisors are coming in. We call her Fang.

La Principessa, who is now 17 and a senior in high school.

For the last two years or so, she has been all prickles and thorns, and nothing I said was ever right; even the slightest remark about the weather got the exasperated teen rolleyes.

But last night she shoveled out her room, and was using the Bissell Stick Vac on the floor, but without its detachable stick, so she was hunching around on the floor with the hand vac. Without thinking, as I passed her door, I said, “That’s got a stick to make it longer, you know”, and then automatically flinched, oh no here comes the irritable “I KNOW that, Mom” and the " :rolleyes: "

She said, mildly, “Oh. Yeah.” And went out in the hallway and retrieved it, attached it, and continued vacuuming. While I walked off in stunned amazement at not having my head bitten off.

My daughter. The Civilized Human Being.
At last.

Top that, all you toddler-braggers. :smiley:

Indeed, you have what we all ultimately hope and aim for! hi5

The sprog started kindergarten last week. He’s been praised for his good manners and his helpfulness in the classroom.

Like some of the other kids in this thread, he’s passionately interested in science. We’ve watched the “Nova for Normal People” with Neil Tyson a few times and he’s asked appropriate questions and can give a pretty good explanation of why warm water holds more sugar than cold water. He also knows that Pluto used to be a planet, but isn’t anymore, and that Jupiter is the biggest planet. He enjoys learning about geography and can point out the states where he’s been on a map of the US. And he can give a cogent summary of a movie plot.

A kid who likes this stuff is a kid who can be relied upon to get a PhD in a hard science. He makes his mommy proud. :slight_smile:


My two year old daughter is an incredibly polite kid. She’s only once thrown a tantrum, which lasted about a minute. She behaves more maturely than most kids at restaurants and almost always says “thanks” and “please” at the appropriate moment.

She can also count to 12 and speak fluently at a 2 year -old level. In three languages.

But mostly she’s the sweetest thing.

Whatsit Jr. starts kindergarten this week. He knows a lot of stuff, but I have no real basis for reference because he is my oldest, so I’m not sure what’s normal and what’s above average. But he can read “easy reader” books, and knows what all of the states are on a blank map (well, he has trouble with some of the square states in the middle), can accurately describe the growth cycle of a plant, and plays a mean game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

As for MiniWhatsit, I will just say that she created this in her preschool class last year. She’s 3.

My 2-year-old peed in the potty – while standing up! He had to stand on tiptoe, but he did it. He told me he just wants to pee like Daddy. Hey, whatever it takes.

You effing braggart!