Shameless Plug

I posted this in the Legend of Macbeth thread, but thought I would put it here as well…

Just a slight hijack, for dopers in the Denver area, Listen Productions is putting on a run of Macbeth right now.

It is an awesome staging, set in Colorado in the late 1800’s. Although I may be a little biased, due to Mrs. Lebeef playing Banquo.

It running Thursday through Sunday at the Buntport Theater. It’s closing on the 17th of November.

End Shameless Plug.

Ooh, I hope I get to go. I’m gonna hunt someone down and a date to go right now.
you did get this approved by the mods, didn’t you?

Um…not really. Should I have?

If you have windows you should close the curtains ASAP. Armed rifleman are probably en route to your location as we speak.