Shameless: Season 6 has started, so fuck you

It’s back on Showtime, and the Gallagers are as raunchy and unrepentant as ever. Perhaps more so. Episode one started off a bit rocky, but quickly fell into the groove that fans recognize. All the cast members are back, far as I can tell (although I don’t know if Joan Cusack will reappear), but what the fuck do I know.

I actually turned it off half-way through because I was so bored.
Did it pick up?

Yeah, it turned into what you expect from the show. I guess all shows go through a reset every season to set things up for what’s to come.

Well, I think that “The F Word” song got Gus’s message across…

Carl’s success at his new “job” was far-fetched as best, but I’m still liking this season so far. Obviously his friend/bodyguard Nick is going to have an important role at some point.

Also, in episode 2, did anyone else think Sean (Dermot Mulroney) was channeling Bruce Springsteen when he confessed his slip-up?

I thought episode 2 wasn’t up to snuff, but ep 3 made up for it; funny stuff. “It’s an ‘inter-vortion’, trademark pending.”

Had to revive this to say that this season is mostly sucking. The writers have apparently run out of things for the cast to say or do, and the actors really seem to be struggling to make things convincing and to stay remotely relevant. The only character I still have any interest in is Lip.

I’m not loving the Lip/Helene storyline, though. And I still think her offhand comment about killing her husband is going to turn out to be bad news for Lip. Amanda was just the gift that kept on giving, though, eh?

I’m interested to see how they work Debbie’s baby into the storyline.

Totally over Fiona and her parade of guys. I also thought that it was shitty of Sean to ask her to move in right after Carl opened up to him about Nick killing a guy. Clearly Carl needs her, or someone, after that and I bet Sean didn’t even tell her. I thought that the actor who plays Carl really killed it in the previous episode. When he goes to Sean’s house looking for Fiona, he was back to the vulnerable kid who shaved Frank’s head in the hospital.

Still my favorite show on TV despite its many flaws. (But I only watch 2 shows, so that’s not really saying much…)

It seemed like they got the groove going in the eps preceding this last one, despite the lame-ass plot line about the Greek neighbor, the bar and its owners (although the hipster thing was amusing). But Kevin and V’s story arc seems to be over. Someone having a baby is usually an indication that a series is in trouble: Debbie went from being a cute kid actor to being an emoting hack, Frank has become a cartoon, and I agree about Fiona. By the way, is there a worse actor than Dermot Mulroney?

No. I hate how he makes that hehhhhm sound before he starts speaking.