Shamelessly promote your website/blog here

Not sure where this thread goes…

Anyways, I just started a personalized website, and I realize that maybe some people would like more people to visit theirs and appreciate the effort and the subject matter (their lives :slight_smile: ) . So, I leave the floor to whomever wishes to promote his/her personal (not business :wink: ) website/blog.

BTW, mine’s not quite ready yet… :smiley:

Okay, I am always one to promote my website. Oh it’s free and no advertising. It’s not as if I have an ulterior motive. No - just ego I guess.
Anyway, here it is:

Lots of calculators, converters, and other such things. Nothing about little old me nor anything political or about current events. Just math and science. If you are still awake please give it a visit.

The info on the seven wonders was helpful- bookmarked. It’s hard to find, what with the discrepancies.

Free bump

Don’t mind if I do. :smiley:
Artwork and assorted crap.

Well, since it’s shameless, and if you all promise not to laugh, my wee little, still-growing, still-a-baby blog: Some political rants and raves, some philisophical musings, some random ramblings about whatever’s in my mind.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Montreal metro but had no idea you could ask.

My new music page:


I recently started this blog, a gallery of postcards from my collection. I show a variety of postcards from the 1900s to the 1970s.

My “real” website is in my sig, but I also just recently started a LiveJournal thing. It’s at OpenDiary. Not very exciting, but it may get a laugh.

I’m a composer and pianist.

My home page:

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

I’m a jazz singer. Here’s my site

I’m a jackass, and I haven’t updated my site in years, but here it is:
Temple o’ Dave

My blog - I document the lost gloves I find lying about in my daily travels - something like 150 gloves now in about five months.

I have a bit of a problem actually; I’ve used up all of my 10MB storage on that free blog and there doesn’t seem to be any way to buy more.

The link in the post doesn’t work; the one in the sig is OK.

Hooray! They’re all in my sig, and I’ll post them in the post too just for good measure: is my livejournal

and I run a mix CD exchange that is the only one of it’s kind, where people can send in copies of mix CDs and get mixes from people all around the world, and the only cost is return shipping. It’s a really fun little hobby for me that lets me listen to a LOT of music. That is at

Sorry, guys. We don’t allow links to sites where the poster can profit off of the Teeming Millions. Some of you have already posted those links, and in a thread like this one, it’s too difficult to keep on checking every link to see what violates the rules.

We’ll have to close this one.