Shampoo Bottle=1, BaneSidhe=0

I was putting away some stuff I bought at the drugstore today, one of which was a bottle of shampoo. As I put it up on the shelf, it came to me that the bottle wasn’t quite up on the shelf, and that it was starting to fall off. Before I could fully pull my foot back or catch the bottle, it fell off the shelf and landed on my left foot’s big toe.


Yup, it’s broke.

Well, at least it was a “clean” break! :smiley:

According to the instructions on the bottle you’re supposed to do it again.

I’m sorry to hear it. However, congratulations on your Oscar nomination. I haven’t seen the film yet but I hear your performance was “stellar.”




Those shampoo bottles are dangerous, I tell you! I picked one up once that was slightly open and it shot a glob of shampoo straight into my eye like it was aiming for it. Now *that’s *pain! It wasn’t even diluted with water or anything! :eek: (Though I really looked more like this :smack: for a while afterward.)

Wow – you pulled off one of my big fears. I utterly suck at putting shampoo bottles back on shower shelves, and I can’t count how many times I’ve pulled my foot away from a high-velocity shampoo-bottle incident. Every time it happens, I just think “Wow…that would’ve really hurt. Probably would’ve broken my toe or something…”

I can empathize. Ouch!

Take heart in the fact that toes heal really quickly.

I saw the thread title without seeing the OP’s name. I couldn’t for the life of me think what shampoo had to do with banshees- was it some weird superstition or something?

Yikes! What a hair-raising experience!

I hope you mean the toe and not the bottle, because that’d be a waste of shampoo.

Good thing it wasn’t Head and Shoulders.

I tend to drop kitchen knives. :eek: Fortunately I’ve more or less trained myself to pull back my hand when I reach for it reflexively to keep it from falling and to move my feet too.

My husband got a few ceramic-bladed kitchen knives for Christmas. He also asked me recently why I never use them. I had to remind him that I tend to drop knives. Ceramic blades, of course, may well shatter if mistreated in such a fashion.

BaneSidhe: sounds like an excuse to not buy shampoo in the bulk-size bottles. :eek:

They really are. I once reached for one that was sitting on the floor, and slipped a disc in my back! Ouchies!
BaneSidhe - Get well soon! Did the medics do anything for you? The one time I broke a toe they were remarkably unhelpful. . .

Yeah, take a tip from this discussion.

Now now, calm down! There’s no sense in working yourself into a lather.

Owwwwww!!! Owowowowoow!!!:eek:

Luckily [I guess] these were shelves outside the shower. I can only imagine the catastrophe that would have happened if it had been inside the shower!

Nope. Had an acquaintance look at it this AM, plus the vet that takes care of our horses look at it too when he was up this evening for the usual Spring shots, and both of 'em said “Yup, it’s broke. Can’t do much for it, just keep an eye on it and if it starts to turn blue or funny colors, head for the ER.”

[Yes, I showed my big toe to a vet. Only because we were sharing stories about broken digits ;)]

And this bottle wasn’t a big one, it was your average 14-16 oz bottle! I can’t even think of how much it would have hurt if the bottle had been bigger.