I didn’t think it was possible, but I think Vince, the ShamWow guy has surpassed Billy Mays (the OxyClean freak who is always yelling at us) as the most annoying spokesperson ever.

He’s like the Eddie Haskel of spokespersons.

He condescends the cameraman, and geezus, what’s with the fucking headset?

Shamwow holds so much liquid that it can’t be lifted with one hand, hence the need for a headset.

Damn, I feel so silly now… those Germans think of everything.

I was just commenting to my wife earlier this evening about how shady that dude looks. He’s a hustler, but he’s not like a used car hustler. He’s more seedy. Like a carny working a fixed arcade shooter or a guy running a 3 card monte table.

I also wondered about the headgear. What is that about? Did he just come straight from his shift at the Jack in the Box?

The thing is, that commercial has been toned down - it was at least twice as annoying before.

Heh, it is potentially annoying, but for some reason I find myself strongly desiring the shamwow despite the lack of numerous liquid spills in my life.

That commercial cracks us up. Everyone knows the Germans make good stuff!

His name is Vince Offer, which is as fitting and ironic as Shamwow itself.

Apparently, he’s a comedy writer and director, suffered a stroke in 2001 (which might explain his meth head look), and is a former Scieno, to boot.

You couldn’t make this stuff up with any expectation of believability…

(and if somebody comes in here and says “I think he’s kinda hot”, I’m going to vomit all over my keyboard)

There’s always a parody. ( NSFW…hang on, it’s Sunday. What are you doing working? Heathens! )

He’s ugly, but I like his delivery.

By the way, has anybody tried the product?

AFAIK we don’t have this product in the UK but I WANT ONE NOW. Awesome.

The guy’s delivery style is remniscent of our very own HI I’M BARRY SCOTT, BANG AND THE DIRT IS GONE! Though somewhat creepier.

ETA: ivan that is fucking hilarious.

I’m starting to think the headset is there to cover the paralyzed side of his mouth.

I just like to say the name of the product.





ShamWow, ShamWow, ShamWow… I could do this all day.

Maybe the headset contains his air supply, because he doesn’t seem to breathe at all in the commercial - it’s one solid stream of words. The first time I saw this commercial, I thought it was a joke.

I actually have the cheap imitation, the Zorbees and they’re great. Good at sucking all the liquid out of a carpet spill. We bought one at the state fair 25 years ago and recently lost it (it was still in perfect condition) so we bought more.

You all must not go to home shows. I love home shows.

The headset is the microphone at the home show. And it looks just like a presentation at one of those.

It just looks goofy because it’s on TV, but is very reminiscent of the presenter at a home show. And all the presenters are like that. They talk just like that. He doesn’t seem more over the top than any of the others I’ve seen.

btw, I’ve had one of those from many years ago. . . maybe ten. Works great!

ETA: went to go look at the tag on mine and it’s called Super Shami.

My kids keep asking me if I want to buy the ShamWow. I have been saying no, but I wonder if I’m looking at my Christmas present…

We have what looks like a similar item that we bought at our pool (which, incidentally, is Michael Phelps’s childhood pool). It’s supposed to be better than a towel at pulling the water off the body; we were told that all the Olympians use them. But we’ve never used it. Should I re-purpose it from the pool bag to the kitchen?

Why Hell, he’s right! I’ll hop into my Volkswagen right now and head down to my local ShamHaus! Why didn’t I think about it sooner?!? :smack:

Those wacky Germans and their Sham Engineering.

I guess I’m weird, because I LOVE this commercial! I love his delivery and his narrative style - I don’t know what adjective to use, but he’s so direct and shameless. I guess I should never go to a home show - if all the hucksters are as good as this guy, I would buy three of everything.

On the other hand, I loved the parody too.

I’ve tried “pack towels” from REI for backpacking trips–they’re supposed to be the same kind of thing. They don’t really work for drying human bodies, but they’re great for mopping up stuff around camp.