Stupid commercials that you LIKE

I will confess, there are a couple.

One is the one where the guy is supposed to decide if the cheese is mature enough to be sent to stores or something like that. The immature cheeses are goofy and play practical jokes (like the snake in a can), but the mature cheese is polite and compliments the cheese-checker on his tie. I can’t help it; I like that one.

Also (and I can’t remember what this one is for) the one where burglars break into the house and the product rep says, “I’m your dog. These people just showed up and gave me this bone,” and while the burglars are cleaning out the place, the “dog” says to them, “Hey! You guys are great!” In my defense, the only part of the commercial I like is that part, where he’s munching on the bone and says that the burglars are great.

Okay… it’s a slow afternoon. :cool:

The 1st one is for Cheez-its.

The Vicks commercial where a guy is pathetically sick and asks his wife “Pam, can you call my mom?”

Just the way he says that line makes me snicker every time.

I’d almost put this song on my MP3 player. (Dixie paper plates.)

In the grand scheme… it’s not as soul-sucking as some, but plates can’t make your food any better.

I have a crush on Dean Winters based solely on his commitment to the characters he portrays in these commercials. I like them all, especially the deer. I even have the promotional t-shirt with his pic and the tagline “Shaky, shaky!” (though as a nursing mom, I don’t wear it in public. I’m a fan, but who wants that kind of scrutiny?)

I tend to like the Geico caveman commercials.

“Really, Steve? I thought we were beyond that!”

I’m not sure if they qualify as stupid, but i really like the AllState ads with Dean Winters, especially the one where he plays the “blind spot”.

I hate hate hate to admit this. But Chik Fil A had a new one on the Olympics last night. It made me laugh.

Also on the Olympics last night. BMW commercial. A girl and their dog are sitting in the back seat. She happens to look up front at the in dash screen. On it, it reads something about getting the dog neutered.

The girl asks: “Mom, what’s neutered mean?”

At this point, the dog freaks, jumps out of the car and heads for the hills.

Capital 1? The Vikings. I remember the commercials, not who they’re for.
AllState Dean Winters.

Another vote for Dean “Mayhem” Winters.
The Geico commercial where the guy hires three middle-school girls to follow him around all week to critique his diet.

The Geico talking pothole commercial. K bye.

And all the Mayhem commercials are great.

The ones that have the short story arcs along the lines of “when your self esteem is low, you stare out the window. When you stare out the window you see things you shouldn’t, etc.”

Also, the Geico Mayhem ads.

I wonder if Allstate knows its commercials are confused as Geico ones?:slight_smile:

I don’t know why, but God help me, I love this Little Caesars commercial.


I like the antacid commercials where the food hits the eater in the face. Something about food fighting back just tickles my funnybone, I guess- I laugh every time.

This ad:


Why would you consider that a stupid commercial?

I like that commercial, but I never considered it stupid, wondering what your criteria is.

Hmmm… okay. I dunno. You’re right. I proudly declare that a non-stupid commercial.

I almost never pay attention to the products being hyped, so am not surprised that I got that wrong.

The ones with arcs are for Directv.