Shane MacGowan on The Henry Rollins Show

Singing The Irish Rover.


What a sad, sad man*.


  • I say that as a recovering alkie. That boy is hurtin.

It was hard to watch.

Yeah, he has a real bad case of wet brain. I’ll bet his liver and lungs look like swiss cheese, as well.

He sounds worse than Ozzy!

Jesus. Poor, sad bastard. Probably no hope for him at this point, even if he did sober up.

Yeah, but the more pressing question: why in the hell would you watch the Henry Rollins Show?


I like the Pogues as much as anyone else, but that’s just sad.

Adds Shane to my death pool.

All I get is this:

You know I’ve gotten pretty damned drunk before, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as wasted as Shane is in every single interview in which I’ve ever seen him.

In a weird way, though, I’ve always sort of thought that his talent would go to shit if he ever got sober. He was born a drunk, he’ll die a drunk, and all we can do is enjoy his music in the interim (though I really wish he’d get some damned dentures).

Good luck. People have been predicting his imminent death for the last twenty years or so, but he just keeps on kicking.

When he finally does pass away, though, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ll cry like a little girl. :frowning:

I get the same message as above, can’t play because of my location - Norway - so could someone please summarize the content of the interview? (Shane being drunk goes without mention, of course)

And yeah, I’ll be really sad to see him go. His music’s done loads for me, and I still always get shivers down my back from Young Ned of the Hill. I seriously want that song sung at my funeral. (And Sunnyside of the Street at my wedding :p)


Terry Woods wrote that.