Share a Good Experience!

Just thought I’d start a happy thread, since I had a happy shopping experience today.

My city has several KMart stores. This week, they’ve got some dressers on sale, and I need some for my kids. I went to the store I normally go to, and they were out. I also couldn’t seem to get any help, to see if maybe there were some in the back, or if I could get a rain check, etc. So today, I tried one of the other stores, one of those BigK stores. Not only did they have a bunch of the dressers I wanted, they even had people who got them off the shelves for me, wheeled them out to my car, and loaded them into my trunk (I’m really pregnant, and these things are really heavy). They did all of this with a smile, and seemed genuinely happy to help me…not like I was imposing on their break time. I don’t know about anyone else, but nice little things like that just make my day.

Thanks for letting me share…anyone else got a good experience to talk about? :slight_smile:

I would love to share a good experience - any takers?

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Oops - I promise that UBB code is the only thing I finish before I start!

I think this thread is a great idea. I have nothing of extraordinary experience to share today that wouldn’t qualify for MPSIMS part 9000, but when something happens, I’ll keep you posted.

I was getting on the subway in New York and black guy in front of me unknowingly dropped a $20 out of his back pocket. Despite the fact that it was one of the prettier, old-fashioned $20s, I grabbed it, rushed up to him and gave it back just before his train pulled out. He was so startled and grateful, and I kept wishing that all those people who scream about bad race relations in NY could have seen us!

This happened a few weeks ago. I was on the interstate going about 80 mph when a little car pulled up next to me as if to pass but instead honked and pointed straight ahead. I didn’t see anything but hit the brakes anyway. After about a hundred feet, sure enough, there was a state trooper coming off the on-ramp just ahead of me. Prolly would have been ahead of him and gotten a ticket if I hadn’t been warned. Extremely random act of kindness. Very cool.

When I go grocery shopping I buy a lot. I mean the basket is just crammed with stuff since I hit the sales and freeze stuff. Anyway, if someone behind me has only a few items I always offer to let them go first. I have gotten shocked looks of wonder in doing this. Sometimes I let a few of them behind me go first since I’m not in any hurry. Well, karma does pay off. A few days ago I was in a hurry and only had one item. The lady in front of me let me go first!

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