The mini-good deeds/good news thread

I used to follow the mini-rants threads and the workplace griping thread every day, but I found them just too negative. All that small-scale pissing and moaning (some of it well earned, some of it just really wrong-headed) was getting me down. So I haven’t been back in a while.

I wouldn’t mind following a small-scale uptempo thread, although I predict far fewer posts. But what the heck, I can only try.

So here’s mine: this morning on my way to work I saw a rather beaten-up black leather checkbook cover/wallet item on the train (BART) platform. No-one else noticed it and no-one was nearby who might have dropped it - the platform was pretty empty, as I had just missed a train. So I picked it up and looked inside, where there was a modest amount of cash (I didn’t count it, it looked like all ones, so maybe $12 or so) and a couple of small pieces of paper.

I carried it upstairs and handed it to the station agent (thereby missing my train, but it was only a short time until the next one). I frankly doubt it will find its way back to the owner, who probably has no idea where (s)he dropped it, but at least it is now possible.

Please share your good deed or good news; mini is good, bigger is also fine.

In the check out line at the grocery store last week, the woman ahead of me had 3 small children and a week’s worth of groceries. The oldest child was doing her best to keep the other two in check. It was obvious she was expected to help her mom care for them. She was about 10-12. At the check out, she asked her mom, very politely, for a candy bar. Her mom told her to hold on to it, because she might not have enough money. In the end, mom was counting out her last pennies for the groceries. The little girl put the candy back without a word.
I tapped mom on the shoulder and handed her the candy and a dollar.
My reward was the sweetest smiles from both mom and child.
I also noticed, as they left, the girl shared the candy with her sibs. Yeah, I should have sprung for three. :smack:

Picunurse, that was so sweet of you and of big sis! I’m pretty tapped for money right now, and haven’t shared much cash, but lately I leave my soon-to-expire coupons on items at the grocery store. I figure some student or mom can use the savings if I can’t, even if that just means a couple of extra bucks for spring break beer.

My son did a good deed for me this morning: he missed the bus, and apparently woke me to tell me. When I didn’t do the usual jump-up, throw on shoes, scramble for keys and carseats thing (instead, I apparently said okay and closed my eyes,) the Boy realized I was exhausted. So he left me and the baby in my bedroom, and changed, fed, and entertained the 2-year-old until I regained consciousness - 10 am! (He’s a great student with a good attendance record, so I’ll just call this one a mental health day.)

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Those two are where I start my day. :wink:

A little while ago when the weather first got cold (we have short winters here) I was taking a walk and saw what I thought was a dead earthworm on the sidewalk. Turns out it was a little earth snake, and he was cold. I picked him up, and when I cupped him gently he started moving a bit, then more, as I warmed him up. I continued my walk until he was quite wiggly and I had found a sunny patch of nice rocks with plenty of hiding nooks, and released the little guy there. Made my damn day, I tell you.

They look like jewelry!

One of my fellow students is a single mom, who reciently kicked the worthless ex to the curb. She is living in a 1967-era house, with a garage that was unisulated under her bedroom, compleat with a overhead door that had about a foot of daylight shining through it. A few of us passed the hat, and the garage will be insulated to R-30 this weekend, sheetrocked next weekend, and about 20 other things done to the house after that. We also filled the fridge.

That’s not so mini!

My mini-good deed - last week after I finished my grocery shopping, there were a couple of women struggling to get a cart out of lock-up; I gave them my cart, and told them to keep the quarter it cost me to unlock it. I figured I can spare a quarter to give someone else a good feeling. :slight_smile:

I found a harry potter book and a mobile phone in a lecture room and handed it into the student office, even though it meant I missed a bus and a train, meaning it took me a extra hour to get home.

A little good news…

Some of you may recall that my cat Denver was diagnosed with diabetes last August. It took quite a while to try to find the correct dosage of insulin for him, but finally the vet and I did it. Denver is slowly gaining back weight (he was down to 9 pounds from his original 15); and best of all, is back to his normal self, personality-wise. He’s once again a happy little guy who enjoys getting skritches, playing with his favourite toys, and napping in the sunshine (as opposed to hiding under furniture, as he was doing). He reminds me–loudly–when it’s mealtime, and he has once again demanded (and again, quite loudly) to be picked up and put in my lap for petting while he purrs. Denver has maintained a cheerful demeanour the whole time, even though he has been to the vet’s frequently, had his ear pricked multiple times for blood samples, and dealt with twice-daily insulin injections. I’m not sure if I could deal with the same, but Denver has cooperated nicely. Maybe he knows it is all for the best.

There are still some challenges, but he’s not letting them stop him–he keeps on keeping on regardless. He’s a special little friend, and I am so glad he’s getting better.

Mine too!

I donated blood for the first time in my life yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t eat/drink enough beforehand and I almost fainted, so they had to abort the process. But they got enough blood to use, so I suffered for a good cause!

The last time I tried to donate blood I was turned down for a low iron count, so I figure yesterday was a success considering how far I made it!

My dog came down with a case of kennel cough after having her teeth cleaned, even though she was up-to-date on her vaccine and had taken 2 weeks of antibiotics due to the procedure.

I hate taking her to the vet because she gets absolutely freaked out, but after 6 days of coughing we went. And our appointment was a half hour late. It sucked having to sit there with her.

The good news is that it was only kennel cough (she has heart problems) but also the vet’s office ended up not charging me for the visit, probably because I had just spent a fortune on the teeth cleaning.

I’m happy with my vet and Dolly has stopped coughing, so I’m going to send them a card next week :slight_smile:

Speaking of BART, I almost missed a train the other day because some idiot was standing in front of the doors playing with his phone and not paying attention. Both of us managed to hop on at the last second, and I noticed that in the rush phone guy had dropped his transit pass on the floor. “Hah!” I thought. “Serves you right for being such a jerk.” Then I remembered that I’m supposed to be practicing random acts of kindness, paying it forward, building up my karma, etc. I got his attention, said “Excuse me,” and pointed to the dropped pass. He thanked me and gave me a huge, warm smile. It made my day, and I ended up with a good feeling instead of secretly seething about cell phone idiots.

Aaaand karma pays me back! When I work at home, I use the kitchen table and an ancient chair that I bought used in 1985. I keep thinking that I should get a better chair, but haven’t gotten around to it. Today I was walking down the street about three blocks from my house when I spotted a beautiful, like-new ergonomic style office chair with a sign that said “Free Chair”. I tested it out and decided that it would work for me. Since it was on wheels, I was able to just roll it the three blocks to my apartment. Unfortunately, I live up a stoop and two big flights of stairs. I also have a lot of arm problems and can’t easily lift anything heavy. Just as I was starting to maneuver the chair up the stairs to the stoop, a couple walked by and asked if I needed any help. They guy ended up carrying the chair all the way up to my apartment for me.

So, free chair and delivery service!

Around twenty five years ago I watched a pair of magpies building a nest in the tree across the street from me. I figured this was their first nest as they kept dropping twigs and gnerally didn’t seem quite clear how to carry out the promptings of instinct. The nest was reoccupied every year after that, with the occasional bit of drama, like when a bunch of crows tried to hassle the magpies away so they could get at the eggs. I went out to take a look at what was going on and was really surprised that just having a human come and look at them was enough to make the crows go away.

For the last couple of years the nest has been empty and I’ve not seen many magpies around but yesterday I saw a pair in the tree fettling it up with some new twigs. I’ll be watching out for them, especially round about sunset when the pink sky gets reflected in their white feathers.

The little earth snake is ADORABLE!!!

My good deeds? This morning I did my first transport monitor for the dog rescue I have joined, everyone calling me when they handed the dogs off to the next leg of the run. I was nervous but all went well. Next Saturday I’ll be driving one of theose legs!

And I spend every Saturday working with a local horse rescue, mucking stalls, grooming, whatever needs to be done. I love it! It feels so great to be helping out these animals in need.

I bought my friend, another single mom struggling along, a surprise washer. She’s very happy to not have to drag kids and laundry to our crappy little laundromat. And I made soup today, which I always share it with at least three other people (it’s an every week sort of thing.)

But I WISH I’d save a little snake! That’s gorgeous!

I don’t think we have earth snakes in California but we have a similar small docile snake, which I find in the woods from time to time, the lovely Rubber Boa.

Thanks for starting this, Roderick! I often think of small things I’d like to share, but that aren’t worth an entire thread.

Mine: One of the four year olds in my class at church is allergic to wheat, eggs and milk. Her mom sends her up special stuff at snack time. She’s a really sweet kid and copes very well, but I thought it was a shame she couldn’t have what everyone else was always having.

So I made rice crispy treats with butter flavor crisco instead of butter, enough for the entire class. She got to have the same thing everyone else did for once. And we told the kids they all got the treats ‘in honor of Special Girl’. So they all hugged her and thanked her. It made her really, really happy.

Made my whole week.

I’ve helped a few motorists of late with flat tires. The first guy must have thought I did it for a living because I just happened to have power tools in my car and my jack sitting on top of the pile. (He didn’t have a jack or a tire wrench). I used a power drill to spin the jack up and down as well as the wheel nuts. It looked like an Indy tire change in very slow motion. His spare was flat and I also had a 12 volt tire pump.

This is a lovely thread, thank you for starting it Roderick Femm.

As a rescue person, when I saw traffic stopped and a little barky dog running around, my first thought was to bail out of the car and try to get run over myself. I’m all smart like that. The idiot dog bit me! I’ve only been dog bit 3 times and its always been small paniced barky dogs.

The dog didn’t have tags or a collar, so she went to the rescue vet.

The people who stopped and helped me save the ingrate were awesome. Nobody got ran over and the dog got saved. Once the dog was out of the road, everyone sped off.