Share pet pics

I have so loved seeing all the pet pics and posts here, even when I was unable to contribute.

I also never got a chance to show off our goofball when we first got her. A neighborhood child brought her to her our doorstep, claiming her mother (the kitten’s mother, not the child’s mother) had been run over by a car. Could we please give the little furbucket a home?

So we took her in. She was supposed to be TurboDog, my husband’s cat. But Minerva the cat had other ideas. (We named her Minerva because we wanted something slightly Harry Potterish, as she came into our lives the weekend of the release of the 6th book.) She bonded instead with our now 14 year old son. 'Nervy used to purr whenever you’d touch her, much to the chagrin of the vet when he was trying to listen to her heart.

She’s the first cat I’ve had that ever had litterbox issues. She likes to pee on plastic bags…:smack: It’s a good thing she’s got such a big personality or I don’t know what might have happened.

She’s now grown, but is still on the small side. She sleeps all day but comes running when her boy gets home from school. She licks his face everyday to welcome him home. In the evenings, she sprawls out in the middle of the living room, happy to just be in the same room as eveyone. We often call her " the best dog we’ve ever had".

Baby 'Nervy pics

“teenaged Minerva”

And, the 'Nervyness herself now.

So, anyone, please feel free to share stories and photos of your pets…cats, dogs, ferrets, hedehogs, rats, turtles, iguanas, anything. Let’s see 'em.

Awww, stretchy!

I have a few pics of my cairn terriers (one now ex- :frowning: ) to share.

First out is Olga, here seen soaking up the afternoon sun on the stairs. Very cuddly, but unfortunately also an insecure bundle of nerves, and consequently a yappy little bitch. I loved her dearly, even though she put a decent scar on my upper lip after I failed to check my pillow for sleeping dogs one night. We had her put down this January, due to general pain and age-related difficulties. She was 12.

We still have Zassi, though. She’s turning 13 soon, but despite her age, failing vision, smell and hearing, she’s an energetic little party dawg. She has four interests: sleep, food, balls and, interestingly, apples (which fall into categories 2 and 3, AFAIUI). The other day I spotted one of the neighbourhood cats stalking her. Since Zassi was on a leash, I tried to direct her attentions to the cat, only 3 meters away. She naturally assumed I was going to throw a ball, or direct her to some candy I’d dropped in the grass, and completely failed to see the cat. Blind or stupid? I don’t know.

More Zassi, hoping for a snack.

Olga and Zassi woken up from the afternoon nap.

Maxter is a Chiweenie/Mexican Hotdog…half (longhair white) chihuahua, half (dappled) daschund…but he looks like an elongated beagle pup almost.

He’s only about 7 weeks old in these pics. He’s grown in to his head a bit now at eight months, and is a lil longer (to height ratio). I’ll get one of the 1000s of pics my daughter takes of him if anyone is interested in a more recent.

I’ve tried before, perhaps this time I’ll get them all posted.

Our Alpha cat Miss Foote
She’s Mr. HillKat’s kitty, getting old and infirm. I’m worried her time is coming. It’s going to be hard. She’s at least 14 (a pound cat)

Our second in command Max. He’s beautiful but DUMB.

And the ‘outside’ four: There’s Molly, who’s fear of other cat’s means she lives full time in our detached store room. There’s Hobbes, my sweet orange boy, born and raised in my back yard, now 12 years old and the last of his family. There’s DeeAnna, always afraid of humans, even after six years in the kitty haven that is my yard and finally, poor neurotic Punkin.