Share your mindless website links here.

I’m a big fan of oddball sites where I can always expect to find new, strange and interesting possibilities for wasting my precious time. This is a thread where you can share some of your personal favorites.
Here are a few of my own contributions to get the ball rolling:

News of the Weird: A syndicated column which leaves little doubt that true stories are weirder than made-up stories.

Milk and Cookies: A site full of links which range from mild to wild with a trend toward the irreverent or downright crude (you’ve been warned). You’ll also find numerous links to web based Flash games here. You could spend a week in their archives…and you should.

The Best Page in the Universe: This guy is rude, crude, arrogant, and downright disrespectful. God he makes me laugh.

Bored at Work: Dozens upon dozens of completely useless links.

Darwin Awards: This one is probably not new to many but just in case…

The Onion: A news parody site which I have no doubt most of you are already aware of, but again, just in case…

Note: Please restrict yourselves to contributing strange, wacky, humorous, or similarly pointless sites. Know whut uh mean Vern?

Well, if you want pointless, here’s “Pointless Paddle Bricks” on the Pointless Game site:

For some reason, I really enjoy it.

The best page in the universe IS the best page in the universe.

The best page in the universe IS the best page in the universe.

What Badgers Eat

Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year

Map of Barsoom

How a Light Saber Works


(this one requires clicking on the cartoon horses at the right time to work best)

And courtesy of SDMB’s own Opalcat, the most fun you can have with your computer that’s still morally sound…

Bunch of weird stuff I just happen to like.

Hmmmm. The Milk and Cookies site I posted in my OP seems to be down today. If you are unable to reach it you should try again later. It really is worth the wait…

Darn Darn Darn! I tried all these sites and there is a firewall and access is denied. Which is the best one? - The kitten videos alone are works of genius.

I see that jr8 fully appreciates the significance of time well wasted…

Note: Please include a short description of your links…

Fertnal Cheese Factory!

Man, I will never work again. Way too much good stuff here.

The only ones I could come up with to contribute is Vitual Om and Telemetry Orchestra

This link should be good for about an hour or so…

Prank phone calls made using celebrity soundboards. Check out the Ozzy one. (Go to part displaying old site)

Nevermin about the bad candy thing, it seems they finally got the new site up, so the archives are not needed.

Here’s an interesting webpage:

Okay, it’s on my website and its purpose is to help website owners choose various colors for web design.
HOWEVER, among other things, I see this referenced a lot in message boards with people saying it’s just a fun program to play with. Basically, just move the mouse over certain sections of the screen and text OR background color changes.

Give it a try.

Fun with motors!

my favorite…featuring bizzare auctions: