Share your Thanksgiving stories with me

Share what went wrong, what went right, people you haven’t seen that are talking to you now, how good your food tasted, etc.

Ethereal[ yes, ethereal ] Brussels sprouts; best escarole soup I ever made; NOBODY was late[even the usually dependably late folks]; didn’t forget the cranberry sauce in the fridge; burned rolls[dammit];unusually quick dinner; waving goodbye is sometimes the best part; Uncle Mike AND his only joke[but a funny one the way he tells it]; the turkey soup is simmering as I type[ONE of the foods of the gods]; pollyanna names were chosen[I got the easiest one to buy for]; and to all a good, well-deserved AND early night.

My devious plan - sign up to work today, so that it would be impossible for me to cook, then be taken out to dinner.

Work went great. Did a couple of PICC line IV antibiotics and some wound care, helped out some very confused people who weren’t taking their medication correctly, got a goody bag with macadamia nut shortbread cookies and a bottle of Starbuck’s mocha from a patient. Turbo nurse finished her shift and ripped home in record time. Took a nap.

Now, dinner is gonna be fine - we go to a soul food place that has a buffet, so we are eating everything from traditional Thanksgiving fare to jambalaya with rice, gumbo, okra, tamales,
ribs, and of course pecan (or pumpkin, if you must) pie.

Life is good.