Share your wedding photos!

I’m sure that lots of you have some wedding pictures online, so let’s see them!!

Beautiful, Opal, beautiful!
Not married yet, but here’s me and the man:
About as far from wedding glamour as it gets.

Wow Opal, that’s a fantastic online Wedding Album! I especially like your dress designs and the way the groom’s outfit mesh so well (sorta’ Brian Froud meets Lewis Carroll)!

Here ya be…

I’d share but there aren’t any. We didn’t elope with a photographer.

I’ve got some I would like to upload, but since photopoint went kaput I don’t know any semi-decent free [sub]or verrrry cheeeep[/sub] image hosts. Can anyone recomend one?

I found this one. It’s mainly for getting prints, but they have an online album too.

Thanks! I’ll check it out

Here’s mine…

I’m the bride

Good image site, Hillbilly queen.

Got a quick album thrown up from our wedding day, only a couple of pics. The first one is the two of us and the second one is Mrs. Bernse solo.
Wedding night photos to follow later…


I have a whole website of them! :smiley: (warning: there’s a midi that plays once you enter the site)

Or, to just see my favourite photo, go to

Here we are - not wedding, but honeymoon, well, second honeymoon - on the Zambesi River, above Victoria Falls.

Here’s the December 12, 1999 Caveman/Cavewoman wedding photo gallery