Share your weird dreams!

I dreamed I was friends with Mario from the Nintendo video games. However I hadn’t been keeping up the friendship. When I went to visit him I discovered that his house had been abandoned for years. There was an old letter in the mailbox addressed to me and in it he told me what a horrible friend I was. The last time I’d seen him I’d told him we’d get together again soon, but I’d gone away and never come back.

I felt horribly guilty so I started searching for him. The first person I met said that Mario had become bitter and mean. He was supporting himself by training animals in very cruel ways. I walked on a little farther and found Mario in the park. He had an act where he made a tiny trained monkey ride around in circles on a miniature diesel locomotive while he whipped it with barbed wire. The audience was appalled but nobody had the courage to tell him to stop.

I ran up to him yelling “Mario, Mario, I’m sorry! You don’t have to do this!”

Then I woke up.

I had a dream just the other night where I had killed a guy (I didn’t actually dream killing the guy) and my brother and I had to escape to Brazil. Of course, there was a woman who also had something to do with the killing and we had to take her with us, but she was in her rich father’s home, being hidden from the authorities. So my brother and I had to sneak into the home, get the girl out, then escape to Brazil. It was quite the adventure. There were a few occasions where we got caught, but it was okay, because I could just go back to a save point and do it again without getting caught (I’m a lucid dreamer, so I never lose in my dreams).

When I was a teenager I dreamed I was being chased by killer tatertots.
Recently I dreamed I was trying to nurse a mini pink baby elephant that was sucking it’s own trunk.
Last week I had a dream that would make a great low budget horror flick. War torn city, bombs falling, we were trapped in big building where the floor was gradually falling to pieces. Underneath, the basement was flooded, completely filled with water. Colossal ornamental carp swam there, as in big enough to swallow a grown man whole, and they had a taste for human flesh! This one was one of those dreams that rewound and replayed a few different scenerios in a night.

I dreamt that we were having hotdogs for dinner, and my mom asked me to get the mustard out of the fridge. I got up, opened the fridge door, and told her we were out.

Forgot about the dream.

Had hotdogs the next night…my mom asked me to get the mustard, I told her we were out without even getting up. Remembered the dream after my mom opened the door and showed me it was right there.

I tend towards very boring, easily explained dreams.
I’ll revisit this thread when I’ve remembered an odd dream long enough to share. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dreamed the other night that I was being introduced to Gordon Ramsey, and he just grabbed me and started making out with me and fondling my crotch. At first I was like, “WTF?!”, but then I was like, “Hey, it’s Gordon Ramsey!” and so I went with it. He’s hot.

Last week, I dreamt that my friend gave me a million dollars. In cash. In a stack. Kind of sorted, with the brown hundreds (not many of them) and red fifties (lots of them) towards the left, then green twenties, then the purple tens and crumpled blue fives towards the right, but polymer and paper notes were all mixed together. He held them up to me in a curving rainbow sort of arrangement, as if a cartoon card-deck shuffle of the notes has been paused in mid-air. The dream was very definite on the colours and textures and even smell of the notes.

I’ve been broke for way too long. :slight_smile:

I’ve shared this one before, but it sticks with me, so here it is again:

I once dreamed that i had to report to a specific place for my execution. I couldn’t find the place but I saw a lot people from my past, all of whom knew exactly where I was to go but they refused to tell me. I still don’t understand that dream.

I recently started taking Ambein(sp?) and all my dreams are weird.

This is easy - I just woke up from a weird dream.

I take Mirapex for Restless Leg Syndrome. One of the listed side effects is “unusually vivid dreams”.

I dreamed I was chasing my Cornish Rex cat, Magic, in back of a resturant. Every time I would catch him, I’d start to look for my Wrangler. I’d be unable to find it and Magic would get away, so I’d have to chase him again. At one point I was chasing him up a hill and some guy was looking up the red plaid pleated miniskirt I was wearing. With knee socks.

I can understand the chasing Magic part; he likes to escape from the cat suite into the rest of the house. However, I have never misplaced my Wrangler and I have never and will never wear a red plaid miniskirt with knee socks.

I dreamed I was sitting in a movie theater with reggae star Bob Marley’s family. Rita Marley, Ziggy Marley, Bob’s mother Cedellia, etc, were all seated in the same row as I. While the movie played, I offered Bob’s mother one of the Fruit Roll-ups I’d been eating. She looked at me sadly, and slowly shook her head as if to say, “You poor, ignorant wretch. Don’t you know any better?”
Then I woke up.

I have lots of bizarre dreams, totally unassisted by any substances - really! As a kid, I had a recurring dream that included, among other things, my grandmother rasslin’ bears! When I was in my 20s, I dreamed that my friend Mary gave birth to a daughter and Mary’s mom gave me the baby saying “You can have it - Mary doesn’t really want it.” I suppose that made some sense, since Mary really didn’t want any kids.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of random dreams, some more memorable than others. One that sticks out for sheer weirdness was from a few years back. I dreamed that my boss was stalking me, looking in the windows at my house, and at one point, he snuck in and stole all my socks. Naturally, I told my boss and coworkers about it, and it became part of my personal legend. :smiley: When I retired last year, I gave my boss a pair of my old socks. They were clean…

I had another one last night. My friends finally revealed to me that they were werewolves. My response was: “Awesome! Can I become a werewolf?” They said sure, just drink some of our blood (mixed with vodka, because even in dreams some things don’t change)and you should change sometime before nightfall. I decided to stay at my friend’s house (where we’d been this whole time) because it’s best to have your first change around other werewolves. I found myself sitting in a room alone with my friend’s two slightly older sisters (in reality she has no sisters), who were making out with each other. (Now that I’m awake and partially caffeinated that seems weird, but in the dream it was just hot.) They started sniffing at me and saying things like “doesn’t he smell delicious,” which made me nervous because they were also werewolves. I told them that they shouldn’t eat me, I drank the blood, I should be changing soon. They didn’t believe me and started biting at me. I made my sleeve long (lucid dreamer) and blocked their blows with my arms. My face and hands started to get hairy and the sisters pulled back and stared as I changed for the first time. I was the biggest werewolf anyone had even seen. My clothes tore and fell off, revealing the biggest werewolf dick the sisters had even seen. Kinky werewolf sex followed. Then I woke up.

That is creepy as hell. If I had a dream like that I’d wake up all freaked out, think/say “Now I’ll never get back to sleep,” then immediately fall back asleep.

I dreamed I was offered a job and they wanted all the people they were hiring to meet in the conference room of a hotel. Inside, it was revealed it was a start-up and that a factory would be built just outside…and that as a part of out wages, we would all get free condos to live in within the hotel for as long as we worked for the company. They were taking the name of the company from a rusted gate or fence outside that they were going to cover in bright red plastic. The company would be called “Red Gate” or something similar… and it would be in, of all places, Bayonne, NJ.

I was looking out the window at the people unpacking their cars and at the tall buildings over the water in the distance when someone said that there was an announcement: a tsunami was coming. Within about a minute a 20 foot wave had traveled up from the water to the side of the building, catching all the people who were pulling suitcases and travel bags from their cars. They were squished against the outside window whose view had suddenly changed to become that of an aquarium of death. People with broken limbs would flutter a bit under the water, leaking orange clouds, before they stopped moving and just floated around with the bits and pieces of junk in the water…

I know: tsunamis in Bayonne. Like that’d ever happen. :smack:

This week I had a dream in which I was filling out a crossword puzzle that had the same three words repeated over and over. The only word I remember is “ACCURSED” (cue ominous music).

The worst part was I kept waking up throughout the night, but every time I went back to sleep, I’d fall right back into this dream!

I recently had a dream where I was having brunch with a group of people that included Dick Van Dyke. The subjedt of Celebrity Death Pools came up and I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him I had him on my list this year.

Courtesy of a Tylenol PM the other night, I dreamed that I was hanging out with Chumlee (from Pawn Stars) at his place. He said he’d just finished a really cool remodel of his rec room - he pulled a lever and it started filling with water & aquarium fish. We were still sitting on the couch & I remember looking at an electrical outlet & thinking “This is a really bad idea!” Thankfully, noone was electrocuted & the water topped out at about 4 ft deep.

There were some sort of sucker-fish that nibbled on my knees, then I noticed that one of the fish swimming around was a dolphin. I got really upset with Chumlee for keeping a dolphin in such a small area (aka the rec room) - he apologized all over the place, swearing he’d let it go as soon as he could.