Share Your Zombie Survival Plans

This is where you can take all your zombie-themed questions, comments, or ideas too.

For example, I got this idea for a zombie survival plan today:

When the zombies strike, I will grab as much food as possible, a couple of weapons, and head for the nearest sewer. After jumping down the hole and covering it with the manholecoverthing, I would make my way down the sewer (or preferably storm drain) until I reach the ocean. (This is in California, where sewers empty out to the ocean). Once there, I would find someone’s beach house to hole up in. At the beach, zombies could only come in from 3 directions, assuming they can’t swim.

So, feasible?

I’d still be wary by the ocean. If zombies can’t swim, they may be able to simply walk along the bottom of a body of water.

Now, if it was on an island in a place you knew was clear of the undead already, that might be better. But if it got to be winter, and the water freezes, the zombies could walk across to you.

Are we talking slow zombies? I don’t have any firearms, so I might be in trouble, living in the middle of a town as I do. But I’d probably grab food and water, as much as I could carry, and get to a place in the country I know about, a high school built in an old missile silo.

Problem with a silo is that it has only one entrance and exit, and if enough zombies push against the door, it could break. The sewer, on the other hand… Unless I make a lot of noise, I doubt zombies would check out a manhole cover.

Once I reach the ocean I could also go on a boat, though. And even if zombies can walk at the bottom, they can’t reach my boat.

But I can’t navigate a boat… Will someone who has a yacht and knows how to use it agree to become zombie-killing-buddies? Must live on west coast!

I plan to panic and then die horribly.

Oh. Wait. You said “zombie survival plans”. Well, then, I’m migrating to a small town. There will be fewer zombies there, and enough time to prepare for the masses from the big city. Longterm, I think I’ll go to that big hill with the cliff on the north side of town and build a hilltop fort under the guise of ‘park landscaping improvements’. In the short term, though, I’ll have to look around town and see what’s defensible, World War Z style.

I carry a small music player with loudspeakers attached at all times. When the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll blast Thriller at top volume. The zombies will start dancing, and it will give me a 10 minute head start to get away.

I actually am planning for some sort of apocalypse, if not necessarily zombie related. I always buy extra food at the store, got me a zombie shotgun and been learning all kinds of bushcraft skills. Eventually, I want to buy a piece of land way out in the middle of nowhere, and build a small shack that can house the kids and such. OK actually I’d buy it for my own little getaway to camp and shoot de gunz. I’d like to put a secret lair underneath it, because I’ve always wanted one of those!

Anyways, on with the plan. If it happened today I would throw the shotgun, my bugout bag, water, food, a gascan and some propane, grab the kids and head to my mom’s house. She lives out in the middle of nowhere near a small town, has a large garden, and it’ll be perfect to avoid the hordes. The downside is all the roads out of Portland will be jammed with traffic, so I’d have to wait a few weeks, or try to get out early.

One of my other haunts is Zombie Squad. It’s a real disaster preparedness forum, but use zombies as a tongue-in-cheek reason to prepare for any kind of disaster.

We got a couple of guns already - but yeah, stock up on guns and food, then I am going to my house. Its fairly defensible, and we’ll hold out there as long as possible. 2nd story decks on the north and south, with clear visibility in all directions for shooting platforms. Just far enough outside of the main city that we would hopefully not be overrun (eventually zombie bodies can stack up and they would be able to walk right in!).

Enough land to grow sufficient food to keep ourselves alive (if we don’t f it up).

Exterior is concrete fiber board so not flammable, plus we can board up the windows with the extra sheets we have. so the house itself is relatively stable. We should be able to steal a generator - barring that there are lots of trees in the area, and we have a wood burning stove.

Plus my neighbors are not nearly as prepared - hopefully the zombies will take easy prey first and then get bored and wander off. :wink:

Hole up in the local fortress.

Step 1: Don’t live in a Universe where this is physically possible.

Got it nailed in one.

To the Winchester!

Hole up in the local fort after picking up some of these to help keep the zombies out.

I don’t think the zombies would be able to lean hard enough against the kind of doors this school has.

If the zombie attack came during the school year it might be tricky cleaning the place out(hope for the weekend!), but on the other hand it would already have a stockpile of food in the cafeteria.

Considering what happened in the movie, that’s a bad idea.

Although if you knew about the cellar, you could fortify the bar, douse the whole place in alcohol, go behind the bar, remotely open the doors, let the whole horde in, jump into the cellar and set the whole place on fire. Then, while the zombies are dying, you sneak out the back way.

Oh, Jesus, I just lost a week of upcoming time knowing that I have to read every thread on that website. Thanks a LOT. :wink:

I have 37 different zombie plans!

You’re welcome!

Report to a moderator and remain calm, refreshing the page until it is locked.

Stay hidden during the initial panic and scramble. Tear up the stairs to the second floor and pray my part of town doesn’t burn down. This way I don’t get killed by stampede, or looters, or panicky people with guns. After a week or two, start traveling light but also armed. Head north where the winters should freeze them in their place. Mackinac Island sounds ideal. Isolated, water too deep for a zombie to pull off an underwater walk, small enough that a few people could clear it out, and all the fudge you could eat. The hotel should have lots of supplies on hand.

If Mackinac is too populated with living or dead, I’d sail to Isle Royale.

Very simple.

I stay alive and the zombies stay dead. No muss, no fuss.

Can’t we douse it in gasoline or something? I’d hate to waste all that alcohol.