Sharing my Mii!

Yeah, online should rock - so long as they implement well…the DS’s wifi leaves a lot to be desired.

It does, this is true. I’m a little worried as to how a game like Smash Brothers could work with even a little bit of lag. I suspect serious competition will take place on the same console, and online play will mostly just be for a laugh (that is, don’t play it if you’re the sort to be frustrated when you lose because of lag).

I hope some of the really good slower games end up online, because that’s where the greatest potential is in my mind. I still mourn the fact that Advance Wars came to the DS just before online play did.

Oh, and I’ve added everyone in this thread. Share the love I say!

We’re up to date on all the Wii Codes posted so far, too. Some are still grayed out, though.
Thanks for the advice on the games. Stonebow is going to try to take a look at them at the game store before we buy. Our littlest is getting a huge kick out of this system. He’s already made pro status on bowling, and can routinely kick our butts at that game. He likes the tennis, too, although his little Mii looks like Yoda during a light saber battle, what with the way it jumps and flips around.

Call me silly, but I’m kinda looking forward to Korophina and Mercury Meltdown as upcoming Wii titles. The idea of tilting the remote to control the ball/droplet is rather intriguing.

Never played any of the Smash Bros. or 3-D Metroid titles myself, but I’m seriously looking at getting those on the Wii as well. I’d also commit a lewd act or two if Midway were to put their San Francisco Rush arcade racers on the Wii, complete with motion-sensing steering (why, yes, I’m a big Excite Truck fan, why do you ask? ;)).

And I’m completely torn on Wario Ware, myself – a lot of people praise it, but I’ve never played any of the games, and am not sure how it will hold up as a single-player game. I might get it just because I think my family would go for its screwball Eastern lewd humor, though…

Haven’t played it myself, but I hear the single-player monkeyball game is very hard, and a lot of the mini-games have borked controls. I can’t recommend it for a youngster, myself.

Okay, I’ve added everyone in the thread to-date. With the exception of Max Carnage and Red Barchetta, everyone is still grayed out, so either I’m wildly unpopular, or something is not working here. Hmmm… :dubious:

Yeah, I got a shit load of your Mii’s. I’m drowning in Jay-cs!

It’s awesome seeing these guys just strolling around in the background during bowling.

Is it possible that two people need to be online at the same time to get their names ungreyed? Because my ‘connect 24’ is going through my little DS dongle, and for that to work I have to have my computer on and my firewall off. So connect 24 is more like connect 1.5 (or perhaps ‘connect strictly under my supervision’), and when you add to that the fact that I’m probably on the other side of the world to you folks, communications might be limited. I think I have two ungreyed names total at the moment. And two Miis - jake and a legoman, from memory.

That’s bizarre. My Mii Parade has 2 people - Nicky and a woman ( I can’t recall her name off the top of my head). That’s all. I figured out that my router was acting up, and once that was fixed a few more people ungrayed, but still no more Miis in the parade. Something’s definitely hinky.

In the meantime, I’ve made a Walter Sobchak Mii, so he’ll be wandering over to your consoles soon. Should be good for when you’re bowling. Over the line! :smiley:

I’ve got the legoman too. :smiley:

As to your question, the WiiConnect24 system doesn’t really have a way to actively synch up with the network. I’ve noticed that if I’m playing around with the system and a friend sends me a message, I won’t get it until I turn off the system for a few minutes. It’s obviously designed for an always-on type connection, so I’m not sure how to make it work otherwise. You may just want to turn off the console and turn on the connection for 30 minutes and see what happens.

The greyed out? I’m slacking, blah. I had some problems with my wireless router this week, and I haven’t set the Wii back up (Too busy using my free time to play WoW). I’ll have it done shortly.

Nothing wrong with that!

Anyone here have Elebits? You can trade screenshots and levels with your Wii friends if so. I’ve taken a few shots, but haven’t tried the editor yet (which looks a little daunting, at least initially). Maybe I’ll get used to it and crank out something like this:


I’ve got everyone who posted their Wii number in my address book and the only ones that are greyed out are; malkavia, jay-c, Dinaroozie and Koldanar. Not sure why.

I now have a total of 23 Mii’s in my parade. I’ve got like three Jesus’. Two regular looking and a midget one.

One of those might be mine. My Jesus wears shades. Also we’ve made an Einstein and a Michael Jackson, so maybe they’ll pop by.

I’ve added all but the last couple Wii numbers from the thread, and I’ll add those later. When I last checked yesterday, there were only a couple Miis in my parade, and a few of the Wii numbers were still greyed out.

0646 4954 3600 1214.

I think worldwide it’ll end up as 25% normal Mii, 25% random Mii, and 50% Jesus Mii.

I really wish they hadn’t made the limit 10 characters for everything, particularly for the names of the Miis. Is space really that valuable that this was necessary?

What about the Hitler and Mario Miis? I imagine those would be pretty popular too.

Yeah, it’s just a Wii too short…

The 10 digit restriction might be a safeguard from youngsters posting their full name. Annoying, but understandable if so.

[John Cleese]Now will you please tell me what in God’s name possessed you to paint this with three Christs in it?[/John Cleese]

Sorry, had to say it.

Dinaroozie and **malkavia **, you’re both still grayed out on my console. What, no love for poor ol’ Red? :wink:

Out of curiousity, has my husband’s creepy looking little alien Mii shown up in anyone’s parade yet? Little freaky hollow eyed fellow with a giant head, his name is the infinity symbol, looks like he has gills under his eye sockets? He freaks me out worse than our Michael Jackson Mii, I’m tempted to delete him when hubby isn’t looking.