Sharks brilliant, Nazis rubbish.

Those who liked The Office will probably enjoy Ricky Gervais’ first recorded stand-up effort. It’s very Brentish in parts - in others quite well, there are discernible echoes of Frankie Howerd and I’m sure many others. Better than I had dared hope for.

He takes the animal kingdom as his point of departure and then does his own thing. The bit on animal homosexuality had me howling with laughter. He read bits from one of the tomes that promotes this notion, and showed slides on a big screen of the illustrations from the book of dolphins enjoying a bit of anal and oral (sort of) and various other scenarios.

About a minute after I’d turned to the wife and exclaimed “But they’re all drawings - I could have done them. Where are the photos?”, he made the self-same point.

For those who might be intrigued, the title of this thread pays homage to one of his best one-liners. Comparing the might and power of predators such as the shark with humans he summarises the Brent/Gervais philosophy.

“Sharks - brilliant. Nazis - rubbish.”

Rubbish has accordingly become my mot du jour.

You realise that this sums up the the entire output of the Discovery Channel?

I liked it.
I also bought his second live-show (Ricky Gervais live 2 - Politics) but that was really bad.
The DVD has one very funny special feature though called ‘Meet Karl Pilkington’.
There is a discussion on it between Ricky Gervais and one of his friends.
This guy has the most radical off-the-wall viewpoints you will ever hear.
He makes Ricky Gervais (or David Brent) for that matter, look like a sane person.