Ricky Gervais doing offensive material?

Yesterday I was Googling the Web for sites about “The Office” and Ricky Gervais and I came upon a site that featured only the statement that the site owner had taken down all the Gervais-related material in reaction to some “offensive material” in Gervais’s live show. There was no further explanation and unfortunately I can no longer find the site, but does anyone have any idea what material Gervais is doing now might have instigated such a reaction?

Well, it’s in the nature of Gervais’s humour that neither of his post-Office live shows to date, Animals and Politics, are really for the easily offended.
But Channel 4 in the UK has screened versions - I believe uncut - of both on mainstream TV. In fact, Politics was shown last night for the first time.
There’s plenty in them that some people might no doubt find worth censoring, but it’s kind of difficult to guess what might be seen as especially offensive.

Oh, and while slightly patchy and in - deliberately - questionable taste, the shows are damn funny.

I watched Politics and there were certainly some parts of the show that made me think, “the PC brigade will have a hissy fit over that one”. I can’t remember any particular parts off the top of my head but at worst I would describe the show as “edgy”.

Oh come on, guys. Details. I hope it’s not about racism, 'cause I hate that. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or yellow- in fact, Orientals make great workers.

Two bits that spring to mind (in a vague sense) are one part about Ghandi and another part about sweat-shops and child labour. Like bonzer said the shows are very very funny but if you are overly sensitive and a card carrying member of the PC brigade you will be writing some stern letters after watching them.

He also does quite a bit of material on disabled people, for example: "On Dame Thora Hird ‘[in her wheelchair] up to the front door, straight in the stairlift – feet haven’t touched the floor yet – then lowered into the bath… never off her arse. Same as that Stephen Hawking. Lazy.’

Some have taken offence to the piss-take of gay animal sex in Animals.

There really is too much that merits possible mention. Vague details from Politics as random examples …

[ul]An extended riff on how “The Spastics Society” of the 1970s has been renamed SCOPE and how this will play in playground abuse.[/ul]
[ul]A bit about how an elderly man across the road used to play with them as children “but only when our parent were out”. And the “magic tricks” he used to show them. Though, as he admits, “No, I wasn’t abused and, if I was, I’d save it for my autobiography”.[/ul]
[ul]Surrounded with mentions of how this is worrying his lawyers, he speculates at some length about whether Stephen Hawking’s wife is abusing him.[/ul]
[ul]There’s an entire section of the act devoted to ridiculing 1980s advice on safe homosexual sex in explicit detail. We’re talking windows.[/ul]
[ul]Not to mention speculations about how people turn up in hospital with ketchup bottles stuck up their backsides. And why it might be better to buy two bottles rather than just put a condom on the one.[/ul]

[Meanwhile, it’s entirely typical that I’d already forgotten the Ghandi and Thora Hird gags. “But mention an award and she’s up there like a shot.”]

The biggest problem I had with that show was that he was trying to be funny through offensive material - and achieved neither.

Hmm … None of it seems surprising, really. I wonder what got that particular Webster all het up.


Please, guys. It’s Gandhi.

I found the site that I referenced in the OP. It’s at – http://www.geocities.com/the_office_comedy/ – and it says:

I don’t know whether that helps anyone figure out what this person might be on about.