Sharon Osbourne to host her own Talk Show

It was reported in todays Las Vegas Journal that Sharon Osborne has signed a contract to host her own talk show. It is supposed to be an hour long issue based show something along the lines of “Oprah”. The show will be syndicated on daytime TV and debut in the fall of 2003.

Now, when I first heard that the Osbournes was going to run on MTV I posted that it was going to either be the best show ever or the worst thing ever. The Osbournes turned out to be a hit and funny as hell.

Now the question is what about the “Sharon Osbourne Show”? Personally I thinhk the show will rock because Sharon won’t pull any punches and tell it as she sees it, as strange as that may be.

Any other thoughts?


I’m still broken up over the cancellation of “The Ananda Lewis Show.”