20/20 - The Osbournes

I watched 20 - 20 the other night when they interviewed the Osbournes. (This is late as I kept thinking about the interview and why it pissed me off so) Anyway, I was really annoyed that Ozzy was in only one segment of the interview. The kids had more air time than Ozzy did. The majority of the interview was Sharon.

While I totally respect Sharon, she is one hell of a manager, it annoyed me that Ozzy was pretty much left out of the show. The only segment that had Ozzy in it was touchingly sad but very brief. Walters asked Ozzy about Sharons cancer and Ozzy said “I’m not scared, I am horrorifed” then he broke down in tears. Walters then tried to comfort Ozzy, grabbing his hand and saying that Sharon would be ok.

I know that Ozzy isn’t the most coherent man on the planet, heck I met the man once, but he should have had more time on the show. I mean, he is the reason the Osbournes got famous.

Anyone else have any opinions?

A note: I found it really strange when Sharon said that Ozzy really didn’t have any idea that he is rich or famous. You would think that selling out 20,000 seat stadiums for a concert would give a guy a clue.


I can’t say I feel the same way you do about the show. I really didn’t expect the show to concentrate on Ozzy, I expected most of it to be about Sharon.

I find Sharon to be much more interesting then Ozzy. I mean, here’s this nice normal lady very much in love with an obviously crazy man.

I think it’s very touching to see how Ozzy feels about his wife and family. It’s the greatest modern love story we have.

I mean no disrespect to Ozzy (the man’s a music legend and, despite his stage persona, seems to be a fairly nice guy), but I think I’d be horrified at the thought of Sharon dying if I were him, too. It’s incredibly obvious that the man would be not only emotionally, but socially and just generally, lost without her around to “manage” him (and not just the music biz side of things).

That said, Sharon Osbourne completely rules, and I hope for the best outcome possible for her and the family.


I love Sharon. She is one hell of a woman. I am amazed that she is still with Ozzy after all the insane shit he did but Ozzy is still my hero. I play guitar because of his first solo record.

I met Ozzy once and he is a sweet man.

Oh, Sharon isn’t a nice normal lady. She admitted that she has sent dog shit to people she disagrees with. But she sends it in Tiffany boxes so I guess that is kinda classy. She also said that she grabbed Camille Parker Bowles(SP?) breasts and told her she had nice tits in front of Prince Charles.

I don’t think I will ever figure out the Osbournes family life but it is apparent that they love each other to death.


The thing that was lame about that interview was how Barbara built up that there was going to be a SHOCKING REVELATION about the future of the show that no one, not even MTV, knew before this moment!

So what do we hear? That Sharon says it’s going to be one season, not two, despite the contract.

And then 30 seconds later Barbara tells us after the interview, Sharon changed her mind and has not ruled out the additional season.

So much for the shocking revelation. Come on, babs.

The oldest (smartest) daughter said it – “I don’t think Dad would last a year if Mom died.”

And I think Babs sorta caught Sharon off-guard when she said that her kids could go to school and maybe “learn something”. Still, I guess you don’t have to know much of anything when you’re hier to millions.