Shattered Horizon free weekend on steam

Shattered Horizon is having a free weekend on steam - meaning from now until the end of the weekend you can install the full version of the game and play completely unrestricted for free. It’s DirectX 10 only, so you need a DX10 card and Windows Vista or 7. It’s also half off ($10) for the duration of the free weekend in case you want to buy it.

It’s a space combat FPS where you move around with thrusters in zero G. It’s a pretty cool game - it doesn’t have enough depth to it to be something that you’ll play for a long time, but what it does, it does well. The controls are intuitive, the stealth/light generation mechanics are interesting (and it has an advanced lighting system that really make it matter), and the open true 3d combat where attacks can come from any direction is a pretty unique experience. It’s also only around 1.5gb, so a fairly quick download, so give it a try.