Shaved Legs + Clean Sheets = One of my favorite things...

Freshly shorn legs and nice clean sheets are such a nice match for each other. Right when you slide into bed - ah, it’s almost heaven. Having your legs meet another pair of freshly shorn legs (preferable of the femal variety) is always a bonus, of course, but not necessary. It’s such a wonderful feeling, really. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it. And the nicer the sheets, the better the feeling too - silk or satin is the best, but I have some nice high thread count satin-like cotton sheets now, and it’s still pretty damn good.

Just thought I’d share, as I’ve recently started shaving again, and forgot how nice this is. Can anyone relate, or am I on my own here? If I am on my own, then you’re just missing out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always wondered if anyone else liked that…It’s even better when there’s a fan going over the bed…I like to snap the sheet really high, then feel it float down on me…ahhhhhh…niiiiice.

I agree. It’s so nice and soft. One of my favorite feelings.

I can certainly relate to the sheets part, but, ahem, I prefer my legs to meet other legs of the unshorn persuasion ;).

Here I thought maybe I was the only one noticed these little things. I especially like the fluff and fall with a fan scenario Razzy mentioned, the only good thing about summer!

hey, BadBaby! (i like your name!)

we used to have to keep spray bottles by the bed, cause there was no A/C !!! Spray the mist into the fan, and let it drift over you…not a bad feeling!

I love having a cold pillow when i go to bed…my fiancee thinks I’m weird.

I seventy-eleleventh the OP. Good good, this is my fetish.
Fresh sheets, freshly showered and shaved, shared bed.

:wanders off to cool down… and change the sheets:

Mmmmm… I like the shaved legs/clean sheets thing, too. I like clean sheets- period. And Razzy, you aren’t the only one who likes a cold pillow. I turn mine over a few times a night for just this reason!:slight_smile:

flybynight you shave your legs cos of the cyclying right?

I love that feeling too… cept my bed is only me in it right now (awwwwhhhh poor me lol)… but I like the combo of my shaved legs, clean, cool sheets and his warm, hairy legs …mmmmmmm

(hairy legs on a guy are a present from God IMO)

Another lover of cold pillows, and shaved legs with fresh sheets. SO lovely to rub your legs on the sheets. As you say, the softer the sheets the better… Ahhh… simple pleasures :slight_smile:

One of the joys in life! My hubby thinks I’m nuts when I change the sheets, and then go shave my legs - every time.

Thank you. It has me baffled, as well.

It’s the simple things in life. I also like freshly shave legs and cotton chefs pants, especially if it’s one of my older pairs that are all soft. The swish around my legs when I walk. It’s almost a pleasure to go to work on those days.

Cold pillows are good. In summer, I’ve been known to get up and get one of the spare pillows if I heat one side up before the other cools down.

Add to it a cool night with the window open.

I’m not a very hairy women but even so, I do like to shave my legs… and I do love the feel of them against my clothes or fresh sheets after…

I also shave my forearms. I did it for a joke once and then realised it feels lovely - again, it causes few problems with regard to regrowth as I’m not very hairy anyway and it doesn’t grow back stubbly or anything - but the feel of your skin against clothing on your arms is fabulous too.

So flybynight if you shave for cycling (which I misspelled earlier duh) then you might want to do your arms too … believe me, you’ll love the feel of that too.

This is great - I never expected such a following - I thought everyone would think I’m a freak :smiley: The only thing I will say that would scare me from the things mentioned above is my freshly shorn legs meeting a pair of hairy legs under the sheets.

Yes, I do - but I felt that not enough people would recognize my name here in MPSIMS to need that info, what with my SN not giving away my gender or anything :wink: And it just complicates the issue too. But regardless of gender, I think athletic shaved legs are sexy. It’s my lifelong goal to convert more women to accepting it on me (I really dont’ care what other guys think about it) :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll try the forearm thing - so far I’ve only ever shaved my legs and face/neck. I doubt anyone would notice if I did my arms, because my hair is so damn blonde you can’t really see it on my arms anyway. I could justify that with my cycling career too, although it’s less common. I don’t think I’ll ever go so far as to doing my chest or other areas regularly, since that’s kinda weird if you aren’t a swimmer, but I’ve been tempted to try it, just once… you know, just to see what it’s like. It seems a shame to go through life never knowing :smiley:

LOL go for it … just try it out and see what ya think…

Personally I like a hairy man - the hairer the better (yes I’m taking hairy ass even) but I do believe if you want to try things out (and it doesn’t hurt anyone else) then you should go ahead and try them!!!

So if you do shave your chest… tell us what you think ok?

I am sitting here in a long sleever sweater so enjoying the feeling of it against my arms…mmmmmmm softtttttttttt :):):slight_smile:

Flybynight, what’s more difficult, shaving your face or your legs?

I’ve always wondered about that.

Mmmm…I love my wife’s freshly-shaved legs.

And the joke at Casa Dave-Guy is that freshly laundered sheets must be an aphrodisiac. My wife is always telling me to wait until we’ve slept on the clean sheets at least one night before I get amorous!

Am I the only one that after shaving my legs and changing the bed sheets, likes to vigorously rub my freshly shorn legs around the sheets? And move them to the nice and cool parts of the bed? Then when they heat up, move them back to another cold part?

Okay, maybe I am.