Female Dopers: Do you shave/wax your legs in the winter?

I’ve heard some people say they don’t because why bother–no one can see. I myself am neurotic and just feel gross all over with hair. I’m convinced I’m a yeti. How about you?

I voted for the last one, but my real answer is closer to “I normally shave, but sometimes I don’t bother since I’m wearing pants anyway.” And the only reason I keep it up in the first place is because I don’t want to mess with the hassle when it’s finally time to do up-keep come shorts weather.


In the winter, it helps keep my legs exfoliated so I don’t get all dry and itchy, plus I get less static cling from my pants when I’m not fuzzy.

I put “sometimes” because I do it when I’m about to do it. heh.

But also, there does come a point in a week or two weeks when my leg hair hurts, and I gotta do it.

I put ‘yes, I always shave’ as my answer, though I do not shave daily in the winter OR the summer. I wear long pants almost year-round, because I otherwise get cold in air conditioned rooms and because I think they’re flattering to my figure. I shave at least every two or three days year-round, though, because I like having smoooooth legs :smiley:

I was going to check “sometimes I shave, sometimes I don’t,” but then realized I just went an entire summer without shaving at all. :eek:

In my defense, my hair is pretty fine and sparse, and with a tan, it’s not glaringly obvious.

I’m guessing I’m not going to start shaving again regularly till I’m getting laid way more regularly than I have been.

I don’t shave either. It doesn’t bother me and I really dislike shaving.

I shave anywhere between once every three days to once every two weeks, and, since I live in Florida, I generally don’t see a point in not shaving for a while. I’ve done the “how long can you go without shaving” bit, and it starts to really irritate me after two and a half weeks. Like Zipper JJ said, it hurts after a certain amount of time and it’s gotta go.

No, unless I plan to wear a dress that would expose my legs. Or maybe occasionally just if the hair starts to really bug me. But generally in winter I don’t bother too often. If MrWhatsit had a strong preference, I might take that into consideration, but he says he likes it either way.

I put “sometimes”, it’s more like every 10 days in the winter vs. every 3 or 4 days in the summer. I still wear shorts for yoga, and I’m just used to shaving as a habit. I’ve never really seen it as any sort of hassle, it’s an excuse to stay in the shower for an extra 5 or 10 minutes.

I can’t stand to have any hair, and I also never assume no one’s gonna see, so I chose “always”.

I have to ask, what is this leg hair *hurts *thing? How does it hurt?

I shave my legs for my own happiness so I shave every other day or so all year long.
I loathe knee whiskers!


I put ‘always’ because while I don’t really shave my legs often enough, my leg shaving pattern doesn’t change during the winter. I always wear pants because my building is overly air conditioned.

When it gets long enough (but still short enough to be “spiky”), it’ll get caught in your pants, socks, etc. and the movement of the fabric will pull back and forth across the hair on your shins. It’s really irritating.

I answered ‘yes, always’ for my wife. She prefers to be smooth and hairless. While I prefer it that way too, I don’t think we’ve ever even had a discussion about it; she does it for herself.

I wear jeans pretty much all the time. I shave once a week or more in the summer but now that it’s getting colder, I do tend to forget. I really do just straight up space shaving my legs sometimes. Once I realize it though, block ye not my path to the shower for they must be shaved immediately!

I’m one of three so far that said, “I never shave/wax even when it’s warm out.” This is why God made men who made trousers. :smiley:

I shave once every 10 days or so no matter what the season. I have really fine blonde hair on my legs that isn’t noticable enough for me to need to shave every day but it does get to a point where I start getting odd/unpleasant sensations from the rubbing of hair against my pant legs so it must be shaved.


I’ve got more leg hair than most men I know, yet that has never happened to me.

As for shaving - only bother when I’m going to be wearing pants or skirt/dress. Otherwise, no, because it really irritates the crap out of my skin.