Shaving Cream!!!

When I was in school playing football
A quarterback I aimed to hit
But when I rushed in for the tackle
I slipped on a pile of …

… Shaving cream, be nice and clean
Shave every day and you’ll always look keen!

(Did you know that Allen Ginsberg helped write:)

Brusha brusha brusha
It’s the new Ipana…

Empty beercans
along the road
are ugly, many say
But at night
reflecting bright
they safely
guide the way

Burma Shave

(from an old Mad Magazine)

Mary had a little skirt
Split right up the sides
Every time she wore that skirt
The boys could see her thighs

Mary had another skirt
Split right up the front
She never wore that one

Sweet violets
Sweeter than the roses
Sweet violets
She saved them all for me.

Mary had a little lamb
Left over in a stew
It sat and sat until it turned
A nasty shade of blue.

(Which reminds me that I must find some mint jelly.)

Heh…nobody remembers that one!

I wonder if I do; it’s very similar to this:

There once was a farmer who took a young miss
In back of the barn where he gave her a lecture
On horses and chickens and eggs
And told her that she had such beautiful manners
That suited a girl of her charms
A girl that he wanted to take in his washing
And ironing and so if she did
They could get amrried and raise lots of . . .

Sweet violets
Sweeter than all the roses
Covered all over from head to toe
Covered all over with sweet violets

I’ll spare you the other two verses. Mr S hates when I sing this, but I think it’s cute.

My dad used to sing it.

Cite, please!!! My sister’s childhood nickname was Bucky Beaver! A published poet now herself, she’d get a big kick out of that piece of trivia.

In the vein of Inigo’s football entry:

Hit him in the knee!
Hit him in the back!
Rickety-rickety ralls!
Hit him in the other knee!

Back to the spirit of the OP:

I have a sad story to tell you,
It may hurt your feelings a bit.
Last night when I walked through the cow pasture,
My shoes got all covered with shhh…
…aaaving cream, be nice and clean,
Shave every day and you’ll always look keen!

I was an ace pilot in the Great War,
'til I met a big Messerschmidt.
I was shot down in flames, but I was saved,
When I crashed in a pile of shhh…
…aaaving cream, be nice and clean,
Shave every day and you’ll always look keen!

It’s dinnertime on the big airplane.
I hate to be picking a nit.
“But your TV commercial said you serve gourmet food,
and you brought me a tray full of shhh…
…aaaving cream, be nice and clean,
Shave every day and you’ll always look keen!”

Ahh, yes. “Shaving Cream” by Benny Bell. When that came out in '75, I was in high school and thought it was the most hilarious song I’d ever heard. This was in the days before Weird Al, you know.

This site has free (legal) downloads of Shaving Cream and several other of Benny’s recordings.

Well, this article from the NY Times mentions his work with them:

And then there’s this which mentions again his work with the toothpaste and then that ad campaign but doesn’t explicitly say he was responsible for that particular commercial.

I guess it could be interpreted either way. Sorry to disappoint but I have to get to school!

Ok, you guys can probably google this for the real lyrics, but here it is from my own memory:

There once was a farmer who lived by a rock
He sat in the meadow just shaking his
fist at some boys down by the crick
their hands on their
marbles and playthings and in days of yore
they met a young woman who looked like a
pretty young creature, she sat in the grass
she lifted her skirt, and showed them her
ruffles and laces and white fluffy duck
she said she was learning a new way to
bring up her children so they would not spit
while the boys in the barnyard were shoveling
refuse and litter from yesterdays hunt
and the girl in the meadow was rubbing her
eyes at the fellow down by the dock
he looked like a man with a sizeable
home in the country with a big fence out front
and if he asked her politely she’d shom him her
little pet dog who was subject to fits
and then he’d reach over to grab hold of her
candy so tasty made of butterscotch
and then he’d lick whipped cream off of her
cookies that she had left out on the shelf
if you think this is dirty you can go FUCK YOURSELF!

Wow, can’t believe I remember that whole thing… Wasn’t too sure about caps/punctuation, though…