I know I don’t know you and you probably have no clue who I am…but I hope you are doing well,and I will never forget your grace during this MB’s saddest moment.

I hope you see this because I just saw your pic on the PeoplePages and I think you are soooo gorgeous. It is rare to meet someone as beautiful on the outside as you are inside.

Here’s Shayna for those of you who have not had the pleasure:

Consider me your not so secret admirer :slight_smile:

Nice words, sweetcan!
But you better back off. She’s mine, you see :smiley:

Coldy Clogs…I believe you’ll have to fight off ReefBot for that honor.

Coldfire might want to make nice with sweetcan. See she is female.

Yes, I am female :slight_smile: and my attraction to Shayna isnt a sexual one, even tho I am bisexual. I just really admire her so much.

OK, fair enough. I’ll kick WeedSplort’s ass, then I get to make out with sweetcan AND Shayna. Sounds OK, right?

HEY! What about me, BoldMyre???

Ah, my dearest HellThong. Sure, join in :smiley:

I shouldn’t be admitting this, but when Coldfire wrote

I misread it as

There’s old Sigmund again. Oh, and Shayna is very nice inside and out.

Hmmmm…I dunno, Moldwire. Seems like I’m an afterthought. pouts

Geez, rereading my last post, I think Freud won’t go away. Let’s just say Shayna is a fine person.

Bill I can’t read sweetcan’s name without seeing (and thinking) sweetcans. What’s more I seem to remember her posting to a thread about bras (I could be wrong and this was just wishful thinking) and of course sweetcans and bras … nuff said.

Hey, Balcon, don’t pout, and feed me some of those grapes, will ya?

Bill: reminds me of a friend of mine. He tried to tell us about how a coworker (with huge and beautiful breasts) would hit on him whilst he was at his computer. In the explanation, he substituted “typing” for “titting”. Granted, it was in Dutch, but the spirit of the thing was the same. Freud kicks ass :wink:

Soldsquire, why don’t you feed ME a grape???

Actually my quote was about me considering a breast reduction :slight_smile: Which, by the way, I have decided against. So what if my bikini top is 10 sizes larger than the bottom – I’m no dummy, and I will know they’re worth it if they talk to my face and not my chest.

Sweetcan is from an episode of the Simpsons, when a gummi bear gets stuck to the babysitter’s ass when Homer drops her off. When trying to clear his name on a tabloid TV show, they slow down what he is saying so that instead of “I just wanted some of that sweet candy!” he sounds like he’s drooling “I just wanted some of that sweeeeet caaaaaan.”

Speaking of drooling, Coldfire panted:

Well as soon as Shayna updates the peoplepages you can see what I look like, and then you can add a little visual to your fantasy :wink: Check out my sensual fantasies thread and see if you can…oblige me.

But anyway this thread is about Shayna, not orgies!

And thank you, sweetcan, for your kind words. I’m very flattered. I’ll look forward to getting to know you better as you post more on the boards.

Now everyone flirt with someone else, please, as I’m also a little embarrassed by this attention, k?

Thank you everybody for being so nice to me.

Bye for now…

I don’t get it. Why is this a sad moment for the MB?

Because suddenly everyone seems to have forgotten about TechChick.

I’d like to respectfully request that this thread be closed.

As flattered as I am, the last thing I want this to turn into is some kind of competition between me and another member of this board. I don’t wish to take any attention away from anyone else, or even have this kind of attention on me when there are many, many others here who are deserving of the same and don’t see themselves getting it.

Thank you, everyone. Honestly. I’d just rather not be the center of attention like this.

I hope you understand.