She stood up! She stood up! She by-God stood up!

Three weeks ago, my mom had a stroke. A day later, in the hospital, she had another stroke. They affected her left side (and thus were in the right side of her brain…so her rationality and communication weren’t affected…thankfully, although she has limited movement in her left leg and no movement in her left arm.) This makes four strokes she’s had. She’s had it rough.

Then, while in the hospital for the stroke, she contracted a severe stomach infection and crippling sciatica in her right leg…precluding physical therapy. I spent hours at the hospital, holding her leg just so, and moving it slightly every time she screamed in pain.

The medical staff doped her thoroughly to deal with the pain, which meant that she was groggy, miserable, and frequently violently hallucinatory. At times, she swore she was dying. At other times, she recognized none of us through the haze.

The scariest part was one horrible night in the depths of the pain and infections when she went unconscious, her face took on a hideous waxy color, her mouth drooped open, and she began breathing loudly and shallowly in what I’ve seen described as a “death rattle.” It was terrifying, but she pulled through.

They got the infections under control (along with the concomitant complications…such as an impacted colon,) they administered a temporary chemical block on the sciatic nerve, and are discussing more permanent options, and they put her back in physical therapy a couple of days ago.

Today, for the first time in nearly a month, she stood up on her own power!

[sub]She cried like a baby.[/sub] :slight_smile:

Great news,Ogre ! I hope she continues to improve. Three years ago I lost my mom to an intestinal problem similar to what you described. It’s great that that part of it is over for your mom. Again, here’s wishing continued improvement.

Wonderful news, Ogre! I’ll send warm thoughts your way for a continuing recovery.

Great news! Happy thoughts are streaming her way.

That is fantastic, Ogre!!

Thanks, everyone. I’m ecstatic, of course. She was so discouraged and close to giving it all up at one point. Now, barring any other nastiness, it should be a steady climb back (with lots of hard work.) The doctors say they think the arm and leg should be able to recover eventually.

John Carter, especially…thanks so much for the wishes, and I’m so very sorry to hear about your mother. :frowning:

Woo-hoo! We’re doing the happy dance for ya!

Yay OgreMom!

::pointedly does NOT run through thread naked. Just wouldn’t do::

Yay Ogre! Yay Ogre’s mom! Yay!

Congratulations, Ogre! Here’s hoping your mom continues to do well and improve! All my wishes for a speedy recovery!

Oh, Ogre! This is simply wonderful news! I am so happy to hear of this progress. Reading your post sent chills through me and I can only imagine how elated you must be.

Way to go, Ogre-Mama!! Now, it’s just (all together now!):

One foot…in front…of the…other…!


Give Mama Ogre a hug from all of us. We are pulling for her!

Excellent news, Ogre. Hope she has a full recovery!

A big heart felt congrats Ogre. I’m so happy to hear that your mom is doing so well, as I know how you feel. I’m sending out the most heartfelt happy thoughts. Just remember, you are through the hardest part. I hope everything goes well for both your mom, and for yourself.

Great news, Ogre! :smiley:

What an inspiring story! Such adversity, and now, a triumph.

I got chills reading it, Ogre.

My best wishes and prayers go out to you and your mother.

May she continue to improve daily.

Big hooray, and all the best to you and your mamma.

Great news Ogre! Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery here. WOOHOOO!!!

Right on Ogre and Ogre-mom. Glad to hear that she’s recovering.


Most excellent, Ogre! That’s wonderful news.

Now you need to really be a good child and go get that woman some real food. Hospital food tastes like ass, as I remember.

What would be good for a recovering Momma-tummy? Hrm…I’m thinking tapioca pudding? Maybe chocolate pudding? Butterscotch? I’m definitely leaning towards pudding.
[sub]Mmmmmm…pudding. Caramel? Maybe pudding pops! Vanilla?[/sub]