She was "agreeable to that"!!!!!!

I was so stunned by this article in my local newspaper yesterday that it has taken me this long to write about it.

A Long Island girl was saved from a terrible fate and her own poor judgment by an alert and caring taxi company dispatcher.

She called the taxi company to get a ride to Reading, PA. to see her ‘father’. The dispatcher didn’t believe that she was 17 and called police. It turns out that her ‘father’ was…well…

Friberg said the two met online in December. Schaeffer, who is unemployed, lives with his mother, and completed a 59-month prison sentence last year for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. He first told the Long Island girl he was 18, but soon admitted his real age and criminal past, and began e-mailing her photos of naked women, Friberg said.
The girl, who lives with her mother, told Schaeffer she was 14, Friberg said, and the two made plans to meet. “They developed an online relationship and he convinced her to come down to Pennsylvania to live with him in order to have sexual relations,” Friberg said. “She was agreeable to that.”

I hope that deluded child gets intensive and extensive counseling so she will no longer be ‘agreeable’ to a pedophile.

Well, I tell you, we here on Long Island, sadly, seem to have had more than our fair share of these kind of cases. Everything from the Long Island Lolita case in which Amy Fischer shot the wife of her ‘old enough, you’d think, to know better, and old enough to be her father’ lover, Joey Buttafuoco in the head to poor little Katie Beers who was kidnapped by a pedophile and locked up in a home made secret room for 17 days. On the second day of her imprisonment she turned 11 years old.:frowning:

In the very same paper there was this article about “a music teacher and musical director in a chuch” who "pleaded guilty in January to two counts of first-degree rape. He admitted to having sexual intercourse with the girl, then 11, during the previous year at his house and in his car at a parking lot. "

Just recently a Long Island man was sentenced to prison for luring a Massachusetts girl to Long Island and used her as a “sex slave”.

I feel so awful for all these girls who had do discover so you that there are such terrible people in the world, but :eek: this girl was going to take a three hour taxi ride to PA to a man who told her that he was a convicted sex offender:eek: :eek: :eek:

I wonder if she would have had second thoughts on the long ride and I don’t even think of what would have happened to her whn when she got there!!!:eek:

PS My sister lives just outside of Reading, PA so I know that it takes a good three hours to get there if you are lucky (not the word for her!) with traffic.

Make that–

I feel so awful for all these girls who had do discover so youNG that there are such terrible people in the world, but this girl was going to take a three hour taxi ride to PA to a man who told her that he was a convicted sex offender

wow, I remember reading about ppl whose job was to pose as young females just to arrest ppl like that 29 yr old. I am glad that those taxi company employees were alert and realized that this was fishy and didnt go for the money.

Kudos to the taxi driver for being alert.

Just goes to show you, we’re all angels to someone at some time or another.

Not that I don’t condemn this man’s actions as much as you, but isn’t pedophilia (I believe the Brits stick an “a” in there) a sexual attraction to the pre-pubescent? While the 11 year olds described in the OP may or may not qualify as subjects of pedophilia, surely a 14 year old has reached menarche.

I just hate to see the term pedophile constantly misused. There’s a huge psychological difference between fucking children and fucking teenagers.

But I agree with you that the guy’s an asshole, as was (is?) Joey B.

Whatever ‘psychological difference’ the offenders uses to justify their actions, their actions are still wrong.

Having sexual relations with a minor below the age of consent is illegal and can get you sent to prison.

Read the last two paragraphs in the article"

During his interview with police, however, Schaeffer seemed “somewhat” apologetic and told detectives he had “problems.”
He said to me once that he looks for older females," Friberg said. “But it’s just not easy to talk to them. These people [young girls] are easier for him to talk to online, and they will respond to him.”

He’s already gone to prison for this crime at least once. He knows he has a problem. He should have asked for help instead of seeking out more young girls. Lets hope he does seek help but the cure rate for his ‘disease’ does not look promising.

Plus he realizes that he can manipulate young girls better than he can women of consenting age. He is seeking an under aged victim to knowingly perpetrate a crime against and not a mature adult relationship with someone who can consent!

Legal consent are the key words and that does not include a 14 year old girl!:mad:

Someone’s got to say it. What about the girl’s mother? I realize you can’t cover every aspect of a child’s life, but honestly, did her mother have no clue what was going on in her daughter’s life?

I’m not trying to minimize this creepy guys actions. He should be locked away. But with all of the stories in the news, like those in the OP, parents have to take a more active role in their children’s lives.

“No!” to what? You misused the word pedophile if you meant to describe Mr. Schaeffer’s endeavors with a 14 year old.

From the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition, American Psychiatric Association:

From Wikipedia:

Hey, if she’s old enough to bleed, she’s old enough to breed!

ducks and covers

Hey, stop with the tomatoes!

But seriously, when you think about it it’s not as messed up to be attracted to someone who is of reproductive age. The whole “must be 18” thing is only a modern invention, from an evolutionary standpoint.

Not that I condone in any way the type of activity condemned in the OP, it’s just that I hate the word Pedophile being misused.

With that harsh, almost 5 year sentence that Schaeffer got the first time around, I am astounded that he was up to his old tricks when released. :rolleyes:

It’s a sad, sad thing to say that I am not surprised in the least. Saddened and disappointed in our genetic structure that allows a guy like this to exist, but not surprised.

I was a cab driver for over a year and during that time our company turned over to the police 3 underage females who were running away from home. I don’t know where to exactly they were running but it’s alot more common than you think for taxi drivers to do this.

That said congrats to this one for doing the right thing.

Philosophically, you have a point. Except that from covering these types of things constantly when I was a crime reporter, I believe what Wahoo said is more germane:

There is a difference between “attraction” and manipulationin order to sleep with someone. I’ll bet most men would be willing to admit privately they’ve seen 15-year-old girls who made them wish the age of consent was lower. I know I have. But in a civilized society, normal people don’t act on those impulses. The subject of the OP does have problems, but, even worse, he apparently doesn’t care about them enough to stop, or get help.
I can’t tell you how many police reports and interviews I read about guys like this. I even interviewed a few myself. After a while, you just get tired of the excuses and justifications. You want to grab them by the neck and shout “Stick your dick somewhere ELSE for a few years! Is that so damn difficult?!” sigh

Surely? Nope. The average age for the onset of menstruation in the US is about 12, but that’s just an average. I personally know at least one girl (age 17) who didn’t begin menstruating until she was 15. Almost all American girls who will ever menstruate begin by the age of 16, but even older than that isn’t completely unheard of.

I know this is an emotional issue for you, but in Ringo’s defense, he wasn’t condoning the behavior. He was merely pointing out your misuse of the term “pedophile”.