She Wouldn't Say Yes

She Wouldn’t Say Yes is a 1945 comedy starring Rosalind Russell as psychiatrist Susan Lane. She’s so frigid her nipples could be called the tips of the iceberg. And she insists on rationality and thinks that anyone who isn’t is maladjusted. Queen Buzzkill And Enemy Of Fun.

Michael Kent (Lee Bowman) is a cartoonist in the Army who bumps into her (literally), and later finds himself assigned to the same berth as she on a cross-country train. Kent writes and draws a comic called The Nixie, about an imp that whistles into people’s ears to allow them to act on impulses that some people – especially Dr. Lane – would find childish.

Standard ‘Fun-loving guy meets fun-hating girl’ set-up, and you just know how it’s going to end.

I’ve not seen this film before, and it’s about half-over at this point. I’m enjoying it.

Oh – One surprise was the ‘Little Man’ on the train whose voice sounded very familiar. Turns out he was Arthur Q. Bryan, who voiced Elmer Fudd. (Looks like him, too.)

I always thought Mel Blanc was the voice of Elmer Fudd, but I see you’re right. Makes me wonder who else he didn’t do.

Blanc didn’t do many of the female characters – Granny (Tweety Pie’s owner) and various one-shot females were done by June (Rocket J. Squirrel) Foray.

Stan Freberg also did some voices for Warners toward the end.

RE: Arthur Q. Bryan. I used to do a writing exercise where students would be given a name and would describe what they thought the character looked like. People would always say that “Arthur Q. Bryan” was bald. None of them had ever heard of him, either.

My first thought on reading this line: Is this an Ayn Rand bio-pic?

Well, I’ll be hornswoggled. I had no idea.