What did Sally Say?

Well, it appears that Sally Field got tape delayed on her anti war speech during the Emmy’s.

What do you think she said???

That was so…Soviet.

I’m on another message board where some Canadians are watching this. CTV didn’t censor it.

“If mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn war.”

It’s no “you like me,” I’ll give you that. (She never said “really.”)

I guess she should have said “garsh darn” war…

Oh well, I was hoping it was juicier.

If mothers ruled the world?

Credit to El Perro Fumando for the joke.

Blame Canada.

“if mothers ruled the world”…?

Somehow I can’t imagine a production of Lysistrata with an all-Kennebunkport cast.

Besides that, what did Ray Romano say? He mentioned “Frasier”, and then there was silence for about five seconds.

We were wondering that, too. We think it was something about Kelsey Grammer doing Patricia Heaton?

Yeah, he apparently said “fucking,” according to the AP

I wasn’t very impressed by tonight’s show. As far as I’m concerned, there was a funny song at the beginning and Stephen Colbert punched Stephen Colbert’s lights out, and that’s about it.

“Train wreck” came to mind at various portions of the evening. At least my DVR allowed me to self-edit 95% of the Seacrest out of the broadcast.

Yeah, could have skipped the Rainn vs Kanye lyric-off.

Steve Carell’s clips of his cast were funny, though.

What did that one guy say- it was at the end of his speech- he was a writer or director for *The Soprano’s * I think? I don’t think it was English and he apologized after for saying it again. Any clue?

I see. Thank you.

Seacrest had one- and only one- funny line:

“All of which reminds me of a little song. Maestro? Thereeeeeeeeee’s…not a chance in hell I’m gonna sing tonight.”

Poor Sally was rambling for a bit before she got cut off. She just can’t make a good acceptance speech.

But we like her anyway.

I chuckled at the intros for the variety/comedy writing Emmy and I really liked the Jersey Boys.

Fashion-wise – ladies, if your ribs are visible, don’t wear a dress that’s cut down to your navel.

As I remember, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, and Margaret Thatcher all had children.

Sally said she sells seashells by the seashore. Also, big black bugs bleed blue blood.

I think she said the only thing that a TRUE AMERICAN of Conscience could say. Fuck you, to those as thick as bricks! Fuck you George Bush, and fuck you fascists!

We really like her.

It was all worth it for the 30 Rock win. “I love it so much I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant.”

(And I’d say for Ricky Gervais’ win, but he wasn’t there, so that took some of the joy out of his win.)